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  Bike Away From Work Party & Fashion Show
  Bike to Work Day

  May 13, 2010 (Thursday) 6 - 10 pm
  Rickshaw Stop | 155 Fell St | San Francisco

  Produced by Gwen Lutz of Gwendolyn Lee Productions

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(This photo essay is on CNN i-Report.
tweeted and blogged by SF Bike Fashionista Meli.
Photos on the front page of San Francisco Chronicle Style Section.)

Lisa Marie Grillos Wows

Gwen Takes the Scenic Route

Talented Team - Gwen Lutz and Candis

"I love being able to help the San Francisco Bike Coalition end Bike to Work day with such a high energy entertaining event," said
Gwen, the stylist and designer who produced the Fashion Show. She takes the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and then bikes to work in Oakland.

Meli Burgueño - Graphic Designer/Bike Fashionista

Meli's Famous Red Boots

Vintage Cinelli Jersey by Pushbike
Sheila Moon short skirt
Swrve cap

"It's great to see that a simple post-party celebration has turned into an oportunity to showcase local tailors, retailers and companies and everybody enjoys a good time. Very cool," said Meli Burgueno (aka Meli Grosa) who bikes to work everyday and according to the SF Bay Guardian "is the woman pedaling hard behind the killer San Francisco blog" Bikes and the City.

Fabulous, stylish, elegant yet functional and comfortable biking apparel, bags, head gear, footwear and accessories by talented designers on cool and sexy models... What more do you want?

It was a night to remember for the reveling bikers of San Francisco.

Steve Tortelli

Sheila Moon jacket and Pants
I Bike SF T-Shirt from Parklife
Black vittorias sz 11
Outlier Cap
Rickshaw Laptop bag

Kristen Law

Kristen Law

Kristen Law

B Spoke Tailor Knickers & Rain Coat
Rickshaw Medium Zero Bag
Vintage Jersey
Chuey Brand Cap

Paul Skillbeck, Orange Superman

Agu rain and wind proof jacket by Public Bikes
Swrve Jeans
Vittoria shoes by Public Bike
Outlier wax cotton cap
Lane scarf by Aida Berkovitz

Korey Phillip

Swrve jeans
Nooworks butterfly bicycle man tee
Sheila Moon red hooded jacket
Chuey hat
Chrome shoes

Lisa Taylor

Chrome Magda Hoodie
Pedaler shorts
Fabric Horse utility belt & cap by Pushbike
Chrome shoes
Pink lock by Mission Bicycle Company

Kristin Tieche

Black Ibex dress by Public Bikes
Chuey Brand Cap
Hambone Bag

Kristin Tieche

Dashing Tweed leg warmers by Cycle Chic

Patricia Decker

Aviette jumper
Chrome shoes
Rickshaw Mini Zero bag

Jeremiah Davis

Outlier shorts
Outlier polo
Vittoria shoes by Public Bikes
Dashing Tweeds hat by Cycle Chic
Brooks saddle bag

Kristen Law

Nooworks ruffle dress
Nooworks jacket
Sawako Furuno Helmet by Cycle Chic

Steve Tortelli

Swrve wool sweater
Swrve knickers
Waltz Cap
Vittoria Shoes

Fergus Tanaka

Outfit by Pushbike
Vintage Adidas cap
Vintage Suntour Sweater
Swrve knickers
Cadence DVS shoes (available in June)at Push Bike
Freight Bag

Hanan Alves-Hyde - Racer/Designer

Smarty Jones jacket
Pedaler pants
Swrve hat
Rickshaw Medium Zero bag - custom from Gwen's fabric

Josh McDonald

Josh McDonald

B Spoke Tailor knickers
Black Vittorias by Public Bike
Mission workshop bag

Lisa Marie Grillos, Cool Model/Designer

B Spoke Tailor vest & knickers
Hambone Bag
Nutcase floral helmet

Patricia Decker

Patricia Decker

Aviette dress
Freight bag
Pink helmet
Pink Cycling Gloves by Public Bike

Kevin Lee

Outlier pants & button up shirt
Tire belt by Mission Bicycle Company
Chrome Pawn Roll Top backpack
Chrome shoes
Swrve cap
Gloves by Public Bike

Kristin Tieche

Nooworks polka dot cocktail dress & jacket
Nutcase helmet

The Photographer at Work

Shot, tweeted and blogged by the fab San Francisco bike diva Meli. Her musing is essential reading for bikers, especially those who are fashion-conscious.

Gray tee property of CNN
Hat by Tilley Endurables
Camera by Canon
Rabbit-ear by Kristen Law
Laughs by Patricia, Kristin Tieche, et al

Bike Attire and Accessories at the Fashion Show from:

B Spoke Tailor
Cycle Chic
Chuey Brand
Mission Bicycle Company
Mission Workshop
Nutcase Helmets
Park Life
Rickshaw Bags
Sheila Moon
Smarty Jones

Bike Away From Work Party & Fashion Show 2010 is presented by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and Public with support from numerous local volunteers. More information here.

See also photo essay on Bike to Work Day.

(This photo essay is on CNN i-Report.
tweeted and blogged by SF Bike Fashionista Meli.
Photos on the front page of San Francisco Chronicle Style Section.)

San Francisco Chronicle Style Section

Front Page of San Francisco Chronicle Style Section on June 27, 2010.
Click thru to view photos (6 of the 9 images are by me).

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