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  Heaven  Earth  Man  Woman                        
  A Global odyssey

  Solo Exhibition

  Fringe Gallery (Fringe Club July Highlight event)
  Fringe Club | 2 Lower Albert Rd (at Wyndham St), Central, Hong Kong
  (MTR Central Exit D1 or D2)  Map
  12 noon - 10 pm (Mon-Sat) | Except Public Holidays
  Tuesday, 17 - Tuesday, 31 July 2007

  Opening Reception
  Meet the Artist | Wine and Refreshment
  Thursday, 19 July | 7-9 pm

  Enquiry: 9526 2976   info@phyang.org

  Press Coverage
        Metro News - 4 July, Wednesday (in Chinese)
           Ming Pao - Features Section - 19 July, Thursday (in Chinese)
   TVB Jade - Culture Plaza - to be aired on 29 July (Sun) 8:30-9 am (in Chinese)


  32 Destinations | 16 Countries | 5 Continents | 1 World

  Discover exquisite images of people, landscape and architecture, in harmony with heaven and earth,
  captured by emerging photographer, P H Yang, during his wanderings around the globe.

  Some say Yang has a knack for capturing the soul and spirit of the people, places or moments that
  last a lifetime.

  His work has been exhibited at San Jose Museum of Art, California; juried-in by the Director of
  Artist's Gallery, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and published in Hong Kong.

  Meet Phan, the young monk who loves Madonna -- captured before, during and after his
  initiation into monkhood, as published in Hong Kong Economic Journal Monthly - Feb 2007.

  Or ogle Ana Luisa, the Cuban lady who had both arms broken and in plaster casts, and yet
  continued to chain-smoke.

  Feast on dazzling and whimsical images from exotic locales -- the Sahara, Morocco, Tunisia, Cuba,
  Burma (Myanmar), Laos, Mexico, Holy Week in Spain, Vietnam and eclectic Hong Kong.

  What People Say

  "Like everyone else, I simply am deeply impressed by your most splendid artistic and poetic
  cross-cultural imageries."

    - Dr Ming Chan | Hoover Fellow | Stanford University

  "Really impressed. The images are crisp with bold compositional elements and saturated colors
  that jump off the page..."

    - Jeffery Luhn | Professional Photographer | San Francisco Bay Area

  "Your photos made me skip a heartbeat... They're gorgeous!"
    - Stella Chow | Investment Banker | Hong Kong

  "Motivate viewers to step closer to the person depicted. Connection here was utmost."
    - Margaret-Ann Clemente | Artist and Curator | San Francisco Bay Area

  More on What People Say

  How to get to Fringe Gallery
  Fringe Club | 2 Lower Albert Rd (at Wyndham St), Central, Hong Kong
  (MTR Central Exit D1 or D2)


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