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Funchal Panorama

Funchal is the capital of the pretty Portugese island of Madeira,
550 miles south-west of Lisbon, in the Atlantic. Up from the
harbourfront are steep, ravine-scored hillsides dotted with villas.
Funchal · Madeira · Portugal | 2013
30 Apr 2014

Our Lady of the Mountain

Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Monte (Church of Our Lady of the Mountain), the
baroque church that stands at the top of the Monte hill district, offers
superb view of the island after you ascend the steep steps.
Funchal · Madeira · Portugal | 2013
29 Apr 2014

Carnival of Madeira

4 year-old Matilda, in a honeybee costume, was captivated by the parade
during the Carnival (Carnaval in Portuguese), the annual festival held
forty days before Easter, that ends on Shrove (Fat) Tuesday.
Funchal · Madeira · Portugal | 2013
28 Apr 2014

Sunning Baccalau

AA local fisherman takes advantage of the sunny day to dry his catch of
baccalau (salted cod), a traditional Portugese favorite.
Lobos · Madeira · Portugal | 2013
27 Apr 2014

Pastel de Nata

A Pastel de Nata (Portuguese Egg Tart) or two from the Pasteis de Belem,
established in 1837, fresh from the oven with cinnamon and icing sugar
served with hot chocolate is the perfect way to start your day.
Lisbon · Portugal | 2013
26 Apr 2014

Vasco da Gama Tower

Torre Vasco da Gama is a 145 m tower and skyscraper over the Tagus river in
Lisbon, built in 1998 for the Expo 98 World's Fair, in memory of the
Portuguese explorer who was the first European to sail to India in 1498.
Lisbon · Portugal | 2013
25 Apr 2014

Cathedral of Lisbon

Santa Maria Maior de Lisboa (Se de Lisboa) is the oldest church in Lisbon.
Building started in 1147, the Roman Catholic Cathedral is a mix of
Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque style architecture.
Lisbon · Portugal | 2013
24 Apr 2014

Jeronimos Monastery

Monasteri (Monastery) dos Jeronimos, UNESCO World Heritage located in
the parish of Belem in Lisbonis one of the most prominent monuments
of the Manuline-style architecture.
Lisbon · Portugal | 2013
23 Apr 2014

Semana Santa in Granada

Members of the Hermandad (Brotherhood) of Santa Maria of Alhambra march in a
procession with thousands through narrow cobblestone streets, leading elaborate
floats of Christ and Virgin Mary during the Semana Santa (Holy Week).
Granada · Spain | 2007
22 Apr 2014

Semana Santa

A member in cape (implying penitent's identity is only known to God) of one
of the over 50 Hermandades (Brotherhoods) bearing the cross as one marches
pass the Cathedral during the Semana Santa (Holy Week) celebration.
Seville · Spain | 2007
21 Apr 2014


A chance encounter with a mermaid at the Tumon Bay Marine Reserve where the
crystal clear water offers great opportunity to meet marine life.
Guam · USA | 2014
20 Apr 2014

Turquoise Guam

Ybao is a public beach on Tumon Bay next to the Hilton Hotel with turquoise
and crystal clear water. A coral reef and scores of fishes offer great
snorkeling right off the beach.
Guam · USA | 2014
19 Apr 2014

Rainbow for Lovers

The legend of Puntan Dos Amantes (Two Lovers Point) is about the ill-fated
Spanish beauty and her forbidden Chamorro beau, who leaped over the cliff
into the roaring waters below with their long black hair tied together.
Guam · USA | 2014
18 Apr 2014


Numerous pigeons soaring in front of the Igreja de Sao Joao Baptista
(Church of St John the Baptist) at Praca da Republica.
Tomar · Portugal | 2013
17 Apr 2014

All Seeing Eyes

The mysterious eyes on stupas face the four cardinal directions, plus the third eye
above symbolizing the all-seeing wisdom of the Buddha. Between them is the Nepali
character for the number 1, which represents unity and the "one" way to reach
enlightenment - through the Buddha's teachings.
Bodhnath · Nepal | 2013
16 Apr 2014

Patan Museum at Sunset

Formerly the palace of Malla kings, the Patan Museum is a national treasure and
houses one of the finest collection of religious art in Asia. A Garuda statute
on column stands in front with King Yoganarendra Malla's statute on the right.
Patan · Nepal | 2013
15 Apr 2014

Colorful Doongas

Paddling colorful wooden doongas (boats) on the calm water of Phewa Tal (Lake)
is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy a spectacular reflective view of the
Annapurna Himalaya ranges.
Pokhara · Nepal | 2013
14 Apr 2014

A Nepali Wedding

Ren and Sanjib Lohala, two Nepali grooms are being blessed by a seer who sprinkles
a red ochre powder on their head while chanting an incantation, before the
start of their journey to the brides' home.
Bhaktapur · Nepal | 2013
13 Apr 2014

55 Window Palace

The magnificant Golden Gate (Sun Dhoka) opens into the inner coutyard of the
55 Window Palace in the Durbar Square with 55 intricate wooden windows
on its upper level.
Bhaktapur · Nepal | 2013
12 Apr 2014

Seeking Blessings

A worshiper seeking blessings from Shiva at the Pashupatinath Temple, built in
1475 by King Yaksha Malla and the oldest temple in Durbar Square, as beams
of the morning sun stream in.
Bhaktapur · Nepal | 2013
11 Apr 2014

Annapurna Himalaya at Sunrise

Witness the awakening of the mountain gods as the rising sun illuminates
Mount Machhapuchhare (Fishtail, 6997m) of the Anapurna Himalaya.
Sarangkot · Nepal | 2013
10 Apr 2014

Wandering Sadhu

A Sadhu is a wandering holy man who has renounced his worldly life, said goodbye to
his possessions and sexual attachments to focus on his own spiritual practice.
However, there are many fake Sadhus who try to cash in on your generosity.
Kathmandu · Nepal | 2013
9 Apr 2014

Durbar Square at Sunset

As the historic centre of old Kathmandu, Durbar Square is the sacred heart of the
city and an architectural museum of magnificant medieval temples, pagodas,
pavilions and shrines.
Kathmandu · Nepal | 2013
8 Apr 2014

Fluttering in the Wind

Bodhnath (Boudha) is one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Kathmandu. It is the centre
of Nepal's Tibetan community and home to Asia's largest stupa with prayer flags
fluttering in the wind.
Bodhnath · Nepal | 2013
7 Apr 2014

Chinese-Cuban Heritage

10 year-old Osttia Fong is a quarter Chinese and lives in Santiago, Cuba where a
visible Chinese minority is present. Chinese immigration to Cuba started in
1847 when Cantonese workers were brought to work in sugar plantations.
Santiago · Cuba | 2006
6 Apr 2014


Food is abundant in Cuba when you have foreign currency. The alternatives are long lines,
ration cards, shortages and uninspired quality at state-run stores.
Camaguey · Cuba | 2006
5 Apr 2014

The Lion Meets the Catedral

The lion and the neoclassical Catedral de la Pruisima Concepcion in the Cienfuegos town
center at Pargue Jose Marti.
Cienfuegos · Cuba | 2006
4 Apr 2014

How Ana Broke Both Arms

Saucy 78 year-old Fela explains, after extracting a kiss from the photographer, how her friend
Ana Luisa managed to break both her arms. Ana continues to chain-smoke ciggies with the
help of her best friend Aquida.
Cienfuegos · Cuba | 2006
3 Apr 2014

Vintage Cars

Classic American cars at El Capitolio, the National Capitol Building in Havana - a by-product of the
U.S. embargo that makes new models and spare parts nearly impossible to obtain. Hand-crafted parts
and tools plus sheer Cuban ingenuity keep them humming.
Havana · Cuba | 2006
2 Apr 2014


A Cuban lady in Plaza de la Catedral reminisces about the good old days before the revolution.
Havana · Cuba | 2006
1 Apr 2014

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