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Hindu Deities

Some of the eclectic range of Hindu deities along the
walls of Sakaya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple, popularly
known as the Temple of a Thousand Lights.
Little India · Singapore | 2005
31 May 2014

Painted Bridge

Alkaff Bridge is the most distinctive and colourful bridge
across the Singapore River. It is covered with the
signature exuberant circles of Pacita Abad, the Filipina
artist, during her last days of lung cancer in 2004.
Singapore | 2005
30 May 2014

The Durian

Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay - is Singapore's centre for
the performing arts. Locals name it "The Durian" for its
resemblance to the spiky shell of the "king of fruits".
Singapore | 2005
29 May 2014

Baba House

This stunningly restored Peranakan heritage house is a living
museum that offers a window into the Baba-Nonya minority
culture, complete with period furnishings.
Singapore | 2013
28 May 2014

Gardens by the Bay

Giant artificial trees shoot up at Gardens by the Bay, a hugh
101-hectare garden across from Marina Bay where the normally
strait-laced government was forced to open casinos with the
Sands hotel after the financial crisis.
Singapore | 2013
27 May 2014

Moon Pond

The well-preserved architecture and carvings of Hongcun, a village
near Mount Huangshan in Anhui province, date back to the Ming and
Qing dynasties and is a UNESCO World Heritage. At the centre is a
semi-circular Moon Pond where villagers draw water and do
their washings.
Hongcun · Anhui · China | 2009
26 May 2014


Jin Mao Building and Oriental Pearl Tower dominate the Pudong skyline
as viewed from the Shanghai World Financial Centre, with the
historic Bund on the Puxi side of the Huangpu River.
Shanghai · China | 2009
25 May 2014

Pudong Skyline

Pudong is home to many of Shanghai's best known buildings, such as the
Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Building and Shanghai World Financial
Centre, best viewed from the historic Bund, across the Huangpu River.
Shanghai · China | 2010
24 May 2014

Doing the Dirtiest Jobs

40 year-old migrant Liang Chengsou from Sichuan works underground on
the latest Beijing subway extension. Migrant workers from the
poorest provinces are left behind by China's economic miracle
and end up doing the most "dirty, heavy, hard and exhausting"
jobs in the cities.
Beijing · China | 2014
23 May 2014

Bike Polo

Coach Benjamin Kallend from UK attempts to score while goalie Yang Yang
from Beijing defends at the bike polo match outside West Gate of
Workers' Gymasium in Beijing where the cosmopolitan Beijing
Bike Polo Club meets every Sunday.
Beijing · China | 2014
22 May 2014

Forbidden City

Home to 24 Chinese emperors, the awesome Forbidden City is the largest
palace complex in the world. With unparalleled dynastic grandeur,
it offers fabulous gates, exquisite halls and imposing walls
teeming with history, legend and imperial intrigue.
Beijing · China | 2008
21 May 2014

Good Old Days

Clear blue sky, biking in front of the gate and free access to
Tiananmen Square are remembered as 'good old days' of Beijing.
The PM2.5 Air Quality Index (AQI) went off the chart at 755 on
12 Jan 2013, far beyond the normal index maximum of 500.
The AQI hovers above the unhealthy level of 151-200 most days.
Beijing · China | 2004
20 May 2014

No Eye See

With the 25th anniversary of June 4 Tiananmen Massacre fast approaching,
security at the Square of the Gate of Heavenly Peace has been heavily
beefed up. People are security-screened before entering the Square
which is monitored by hundreds of close-circuit TV cameras.
Segway-riding policemen and plain-clothes officers are everywhere.
One of the guards, standing before the iconic giant portrait of
Mao, appears to be overwhelmed.
Beijing · China | 2014
19 May 2014

A Honeycomb of Hexagons

Designed by Italian Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, the new Terminal 3
of the Shenzhen International Airport which opened in 28 November 2013
makes a dramatic architectural statement as an iconic gateway to China.
Shenzhen · China | 2014
18 May 2014

Shoebox Homes

Photographer Benny Lam gives us a glimpse inside some of the illegally
subdivided 'shoebox homes' of roughly 40 sq feet (4 sq metres)
inhabited by up to 280,000 people in affluent Hong Kong.
Shamshuipo · Hong Kong | 2014
17 May 2014

Trapped Living Photo Exhibition

Ribat of Sousse

The Fort is considered one of the best examples of seaward-facing
fortifications built by the Arabs. Sousse, population 200,000,
retains a medieval heart of narrow, twisted streets, a kasbah and medina.
Sousse · Tunisia | 2004
16 May 2014

Amphitheatre of El Jem

The impressive ruins of the largest colosseum in North Africa, a hugh
3rd-century amphitheatre which holds 35,000 spectators, illustrates
the grandeur and extent of the Roman Empire.
El Jem · Tunisia | 2004
15 May 2014

Minaret Over Tunis

The minaret of Al-Zaytuna Mosque (Mosque of Olive), the oldest in the
capital city of Tunis, towers above the medina (old city).
Tunis · Tunisia | 2004
14 May 2014

Kasbah Square

Kasbah Square, situated opposite to Mosquee El Kasbahmuch in Tunis,
houses the Finance Ministry, Prime Ministry and Foreign Ministry.
Much of the 2011 Tunisian Revolution took place here.
Tunis · Tunisia | 2004
13 May 2014

The Great Mosque

The Mosque of Uqba is an architectural masterpiece in Kairouan, the most
holy city in Africa, and the fourth most sacred Islamic city after
Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.
Kairouan · Tunisia | 2004
12 May 2014


A Tunisian mother emerges from her house to see why her children
are making so much noise playing outside their house in
Kairouan, the most holy Islamic city of Africa.
Kairouan · Tunisia | 2004
11 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day


The Great Mosque of Cordoba (Mezquita-Catedral) is one of the oldest
structure still standing from the time Muslims ruled Al-Andalus
(including Spain, Portugal and Southern France) in the 8th Century.
Cordoba · Spain | 2007
10 May 2014

Panorama from Mijas

The view from the terrace across the village square of Mijas is fabulous.
As one of the most famous traditional white villages of Andalucia,
Mijas is a jewel on the Costa del Sol.
Mijas · Spain | 2012
9 May 2014


Mijas is one of the most famous traditional white villages of Andalucia
in Southern Spain. Overlooking the Mediterranean sea, Mijas is a
jewel on the Costa del Sol, not far from Malaga.
Mijas · Spain | 2012
8 May 2014

Valencia Opera House

Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, opened in 2006 and rising 75 metres off
the ground, is the tallest opera house in the world and certainly
one of the strangest looking.
Valencia · Spain | 2012
7 May 2014

Valencia Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral–Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady of Valencia
is a Roman Catholic church consecrated in 1238 by the first bishop of
Valencia. The predominant style is of Catalan Gothic architecture.
Valencia · Spain | 2012
6 May 2014

Principe Felipe Science Museum

Museu de les Cičncies Príncipe Felipe is part of the ultra-modern City of
Arts and Sciences complex. Designed by Santiago Calatrava, it looks like
a whale skeleton and offers hands-on experiences.
Valencia · Spain | 2012
5 May 2014

Bicing Bike Sharing

Bicing is the bicycle sharing system in Barcelona inaugurated on 22 March 2007.
6,000 bikes are available at over 400 stations covering 70% of the city
where it is flat with a daily ridership of 47,200 in 2012.
Barcelona · Spain | 2012
4 May 2014

La Sagrada Familia

Barcelona's iconic temple and Modernista masterpiece, designed by the wizard
Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, soars skyward majestically yet playfully.
It remains a work in progress 80 years after Gaudí's death.
Barcelona · Spain | 2012
3 May 2014

La Catedral

A masterpiece of Catalan gothic architecture, La Catedral has a richly decorated
main facade that is laced with gargoyles and stone intricacies.
It is built between 1298 and 1460.
Barcelona · Spain | 2012
2 May 2014

Gaudi's Fantasy

The giant chimney pots, looking like medieval knights, on the roof of La Pedrera
(The Quarry, also known as Casa Mila) designed by the wizard Catalan
architect Antoni Gaudí and built during the years 1906–1912.
Barcelona · Spain | 2007
1 May 2014

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