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Girl on Stairs

A young girl relaxes on the stairs outside the Cultural Centre at Tsimshatsui
in Hong Kong.

Tsimshautsui · Hong Kong | 2015
28 February 2015

Street Art in Central

Graffiti is also frequently seen in the back alleys in Central, the banking and
business district in Hong Kong.

Central · Hong Kong | 2015
27 February 2015

Graffiti in Sheung Wan Alley

Street art in a back alley in Sheung Wan, an elegant, exotic, hip and old
neighbourhood in Hong Kong.

Sheung Wan · Hong Kong | 2015
26 February 2015

Golden Goat at PMQ

A 11-metre high goat-shaped art installation made of over 10,000 golden origami
horses exquisitely hung by red ribbons by Belgian designer Charles Kaisin. Hand-
folded with reflective golden foil from Germany, the shiny horses symbolize
fortune and perfection while the red ribbons represent happiness and prosperity.

'Hyphen' by Kaisin is on display at PMQ (former Police Married Quarters revitalised
as the latest design hub) from 7 am to 11 pm until March 8, together with other
GOat ARTventure programs.

SoHo · Hong Kong | 2015
25 February 2015

Lion Dance on Stumps

Two lions dance on stumps at Pat Heung (Eight Villages) in Hong Kong to mark the
auspicious start of Chinese New Year together with Poon Choi (Basin Feast)
being served to all villagers.

The banners unfurled from the lions read 'Kung Hei Fat Choi' (Wishing You Good
Fortune) and 'Lung Ma Jing Sun' (Healthy Spirit Like Dragon and Horse). Poon
Choi is a communal dish that is unique to villages in Hong Kong and Southern

Pat Heung · Hong Kong | 2015
24 February 2015

Basin Feast (Poon Choi)

220 tables (for 10 people each) of Poon Choi (Basin Feast) is being served at Pat Heung
(Eight Villages) in Hong Kong to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Poon Choi is a communal dish that is unique to villages in Hong Kong and Southern
China. Comprising turnip, taro, lotus root, pigskin, fried fish maw, dried oysters
chicken or duck and prawn, each item is prepared separately and layered in a basin.
With more than seven centuries of history, the traditional Chinese delicacy is
perfect for Lunar New Year.

Pat Heung · Hong Kong | 2015
23 February 2015

Sunset at Venice

One of the best place to view sunset in Venice is at San Marco on the edge
of the Grand Canal looking west towards the Church of Santa Maria della
Salute. Gondolas are available for a romantic sunset ride.

Venice · Italy | 2015
22 February 2015

Bologna Viewed from Torre degli Asinelli

A superb view of Bologna from 97.6m-high Torre degli Asinelli after ascending 498
steps. Towering above Piazza de Porta Ravegnana, the two leaning towers are
unmistakable landmark of the city. built by the Asinelli family between 1109
and 1119, today it leans 1.3m off vertical.

Bologna · Italy | 2011
21 February 2015

‘Boy With Frog’ Removed from Venice

The much-loved eight-foot-tall sculpture of a boy holding a squirming frog, by
Californian artist Ray Charles, stood at the tip of the Punta della Dogana,
between the Grand and the Guidecca canals in Venice since July 2009. Protests
arose after it was installed

When the city replaced it in May 2013 with a reproduction of the 19th-century
lamppost that formerly stood there, an uproar broke out. Independent curator
Francesco Bonami wrote in La Stampa that the removal was 'administrative
cowardice' and the lamppost replacement represented 'cultural darkness'.

Venice · Italy | 2011
20 February 2015

Carnival Reveller at Palazzo Ducale

A masked reveller prancing in her exqusite costume and feathers in front of Palazzo
Ducale, the elegant Gothic palace that stood as the seat of Venice's government
for nearly seven centuries, at closing of the Venice Carnival.

Venice · Italy | 2015
19 February 2015

Strutting Revellers at Venice Carnival

Revellers strutting their elaborate masks and costumes in front of the
Clock Tower (Torre dell'Orologio) at Piazza San Marcos during the
Venice Carnival.

Venice · Italy | 2015
18 February 2015

Masked Revellers at Venice Carnival

Two masked revellers celebrate in Piazza San Marcos during the Venice Carnival.
The Carnival ends with the Christian celebration of Lent, forty days before
Easter on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. The Carnevale di
Venezia is famed for its elaborate masks and costumes.

Venice · Italy | 2015
17 February 2015

Flight of the Eagle

Giusy Versace, para-olympics athlete, in a spectacular flight from the clocktower
of Piazza San Marcos to the stage of the Gran Teatro at the Venice Carnival. This
is a new event known as Flight of the Eagle (Volo dell’Aquila) to heighten the
already awesome festivities.

Venice · Italy | 2015
16 February 2015

Palazzo della Ragione

The open loggia of the upper storey of Palazzo della Ragione, a medieval town hall
building in Padua, north-eastern Italy. Construction of the Palazzo began in 1172
and was completed in 1219.

Padua · Italy | 2015
15 February 2015

Basilica Palladiana

The immense Basilica Palladiana is a Renaissance building that dominates Piazza
dei Signori in Vicenza, north-eastern Italy. The most notable feature of the
edifice is the loggia, latter known as the Palladian window, designed by a
young Andrea Palladio.

The Basilica has been named a UNESCO World Heritage, including the other
Palladian buildings of Vicenza.

Vicenza · Italy | 2015
14 February 2015

Torre dei Lamberti

The striped Torre dei Lamberti (Lamberti Tower) rises to 84 m offering superb
panaramic view of Verona in northern Italy. It was built by the powerful
Lamberti family in 1172 and has 368 steps to the top. A lift is available
but you still need to climb the last 125 steps.

Verona · Italy | 2015
13 February 2015

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

The glass dome of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the world's oldest shopping
malls, in central Milan. Housed within a four-story double arcade, it is named
after the first king of the Kingdom of Italy. It was designed in 1861 and built
by Giuseppe Mengoni between 1865 and 1877.

Milan · Italy | 2011
12 February 2015

Milan Cathedral

With 135 spires and 3,200 statues, Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano) is a frenzy
of flying butresses. The Gothic cathedral is dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente
(Saint Mary Nascent), the largest church in Italy and the fifth largest in the
world. It was commissioned in 1386 and took nearly six centuries to complete
with a capacity for 40,000 (Milan's population at the time).

Milan · Italy | 2011
11 February 2015

Lo Wai (Old Walled Village)

Lo Wai (Old Walled Village) features a thick wall accessible through a narrow
gateway on the east side. It is part of the Five Wais (walled villages) and
Six Tsuens (villages) of the Tang Clan in Lung Yeuk Tau area in Fanling in
the New Territories of Hong Kong.

Fanling · Hong Kong | 2011
10 February 2015

San Wai (New Walled Village)

The stylish structure over the gate to San Wai (New Walled Village, also called Kun
Lung Wai), part of the Five Wais (walled villages) and Six Tsuens (villages) of the
Tang Clan in Lung Yeuk Tau area in Fanling in the New Territories of Hong Kong.

Fanling · Hong Kong | 2011
9 February 2015

Homeward Bound

Yaumatei · Hong Kong | 2015
8 February 2015

Legend of Lion Dance

The Legend of Lion Dance exhibition at Times Square in Causeway Bay features
lion heads and dancing costumes. Dating back more than 1,000 years,
lion dancing, staged to mark an auspicious start to important events
and celebrations, vividly illustrate of Hong Kong’s living culture.

The exhibition is staged in a temporary gallery structure built on public
space managed by the shopping mall, begging the question why the mall is
allowed to infringe on the use of the public space.

Causeway Bay · Hong Kong | 2015
7 February 2015

Katharina Zellweger on North Korea

Katharina Zellweger, Visiting Fellow at Centre for International Security and
Cooperation (CISAC) of Stanford University, shares her personal experience of
20 years of humanitarian aid and development assistance to North Korea at the
University of Hong Kong. She was based in Pyongyang for five years as country
director for the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Pokfulam · Hong Kong | 2015
6 February 2015

Spiraling to Heaven

Incense coils hanging from the ceiling of Tin Hau Temple in Yaumatei, which
was built by local fishermen in 1865, and relocated to the current place in
1876. The temple houses Tin Hau, the Goddess of Heaven, protector of
fishermen and sailors.

Yaumatei · Hong Kong | 2015
5 February 2015

Jasper Tsang on Politics

Jasper Tsang, the current President of Legislative Council, share his views on
the essence of Hong Kong's politics and political leadership with a group of
local, Mainland and foreign students at the University of Hong Kong.

Tsang says that the current political system is broken and the only way out
is universal suffrage. He thinks Beijing would not like to have a strong
politician to be the chief executive of Hong Kong.

Pokfulam · Hong Kong | 2015
4 February 2015

Approaching Shadow

Inspired by Fan Ho, the grand master photographer and one of Asia’s most beloved
street photographers, capturing the spirit of Hong Kong in the 1950s and 60s.
His work shows a love of people combined with unexpected, geometric
constructions and a sense of drama heightened by use of smoke and light.

Fan Ho's signature work, Approaching Shadow, shot in 1954 and won 54 awards
in 1956-1967, is here.

Yaumatei · Hong Kong | 2015
3 February 2015

The Best and Worst of Times

'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...' the famous opening of
A Tale of Two Cities (1859), the historical novel by Charles Dickens is now
an apt description of the state of Hong Kong after the 79-day Occupy by
Umbrella Movement during Sep-Dec 2014.

It is also the title of the new book by Lee Yee, veteran journalist and
political commentator, on his commentaries in 2014. 80 copies sold out
within 35 minutes during the pro-democracy rally of 1 February, before
he shows up for the book signing. About 200 copies of his other books
also sold out.

I understand that the cover photo, taken by this photographer, resonates
with the marchers, many of whom are first-time buyer of Lee's book,
contributes to the quick and good sales.

Wanchai · Hong Kong | 2015
2 February 2015

What's Next for Hong Kong - Book Cover Photo

Trio Lead Thousands in Post-Occupy Rally

13,000 in Hong Kong, led by Occupy Central Trio - Benny Tai, Kin-man Chan and
Reverand Chu Yiu-ming, rally for real universal suffrage from Victoria Park
in Causeway Bay to Chater Garden in Central. Numerous yellow umbrellas can
be seen showing the continued support for the first pro-democracy mass
rally after the Umbrella Movement Occupy.

#OccupyCentral #UmbrellaMovement #OccupyHK

Causeway Bay · Hong Kong | 2015
1 February 2015

My News Report on the Front Page of Award-winning Newswire.

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