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Young Dancer

6 year-old Ning Wai, of Wan’s Dance Workshop, takes a breather after her
Chinese dance performance at the Cultural Centre in Tsimshatsui, Hong
Kong, where free foyer performances are available periodically.

Tsimshatsui · Hong Kong | 2015
30 June 2015


Jhea from Manila is enjoying herself on a lazy Sunday roaming through
Landmark, a major shopping mall in Central, Hong Kong.

Central · Hong Kong | 2015
29 June 2015

Fun at Resurrected Lai Yuen

18 years after its closure, Lai Yuen (formerly Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park,
the largest theme park in Hong Kong) is resurrected at Central Harbourfront
at a cost of HK$60 million, until September with free admissions.

Tino, the robotic replacement for the Park's famous elephant, will rear its
trunk, sprout water with a shreik when being fed with plastic bananas. A
gaint dinosaur slide and other retro rides like merry-go-round and
bumper cars bring nostalgic fun for the summer.

Central · Hong Kong | 2015
28 June 2015

Luk Yu Tea House

Luk Yu is Hong Kong's most famous tea house, open since 1933 and famouse
for its traditional dim sum and Art Deco ambience with its wooden booths,
ceiling fans and stained-glass windows. It gets its name from the Tang
Dynasty poet Lu Yu (Luk Yu in Cantonese) who wrote The Classic of Tea.

Central · Hong Kong | 2015
27 June 2015

Hyperrealist Swimmer by Carole Feuerman

Prominent hyperrealist sculptor Carole Feuerman hosts her first solo art
exhibition in Asia Pacific at Harbour City from 18 June to 5 July 2015.
Art piece of a swimmer seated at a pool titled 'Kendall Island' is on
display with 4 other hyperrealist sculptures.

Tsimshatsui · Hong Kong | 2015
26 June 2015

Ch’ng Kiah Kiean Spotlights Penang

Malaysian-Chinese artist, Ch’ng Kiah Kiean, showcases his sketches at
'Spotlight Penang in Hong Kong' at Fringe Club 24-26 June 2015. The
festival fosters cultural exchange between the two diverse islands
through music, film, culinary, and creative talents.

Central · Hong Kong | 2015
25 June 2015


The neighbourhood is reflected on the glass panel wall of the Victoria
Park Swimming Pool building in Causeway Bay. As the largest public
swimming pool on Hong Kong Island, it has a 50-meter-long main pool,
a training pool, two fun pools and a diving pool.

Causeway Bay · Hong Kong | 2015
24 June 2015

The Plight of Ethnic Minorities

11 year-old Don with his 7 year-old brother Bai and 10 year-old sister Api are
second generation Pakistani born in Hong Kong. While many of the ethnic
minorities are born and educated locally, the existence of a language
barrier, discriminatory practices and social bias mean they are
generally more disadvantaged than their Chinese counterparts.

The government's decision to leave entnic minorities children to struggle
on their own in school without adequate language support is inexcusable.
Despite being fluent in spoken Cantonese, most ethnic minorities in Hong
Kong face hurdles in entering college and the civil service as they are
unable to write in Chinese.

North Point · Hong Kong | 2015
23 June 2015

Upside Down

A senior is observed going through a vigorous workout routine at Victoria Park,
highlighting the need for a healthy lifestyle as Hong Kong is becoming the
second-fastest ageing population in Asia behind Japan. One out of eight
people in Hong Kong ages over 65, growing to 40% by 2050.

In Dec 2014, there were 31,694 elderly people waiting for government-subsidised
senior care homes. The waiting time for care homes is 33 to 35 months.

Causeway Bay · Hong Kong | 2015
22 June 2015

Josephine at Sogo Crossing

Josephine enjoys a moment while crossing the busiest street in front of Sogo
department store in the hreart of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. Sogo Hong Kong,
a branch of Japan's Sogo, commenced its operations in 1985. Tens of
thousands of people make this crossing everyday.

Causeway Bay · Hong Kong | 2015
21 June 2015

Reject Fake Suffrage

Mr Chao, wearing a black tee that reads 'Reject Fake Suffrage', strikes a defiant pose
to express his support of the pan-Democrat legislators voting down the Beijing-backed
election reform proposal by a wide margin of 28 to 8.

Admiralty · Hong Kong | 2015
20 June 2015

My news report and more photos on the front page of International Newswire

Hong Kong Rejects Beijing-backed Election Proposal

In a historic voting of 28 to 8, Hong Kong's legislature voted down on 18 June
the government's electoral reform proposal for the 2017 chief executive election.

Legislator Leung Kwok-hung, aka 'Long Hair', flashes a victory sign outside the
council building after voting 'no' to the pro-Beijing election proposal.
Leung characterizes 'the incredible victory' as 'a shining example of
the incompetence and arrogance of the pro-Beijing camp.'

Admiralty · Hong Kong | 2015
19 June 2015

My news report and more photos on the front page of International Newswire

My news report and more photos at Award-winning Newswire

Hong Kong Divided as LegCo Debates Political Reform

Hundreds pro-democracy activists and pro-Beijing supporters are waving banners
and shouting slogans outside the Legislative Council (LegCo) building where
the government proposal for political reform to elect Hong Kong's Chief
Executive in 2017 is being debated.

The banner on the left reads: 'All Says No to Fake Univeral Suffrage'.

Admiralty · Hong Kong | 2015
18 June 2015

My news report and more photos on the front page of International Newswire

Tainan Street Art

One can find many interesting street art in Tainan, the oldest city in Taiwan.

Tainan · Taiwan | 2015
17 June 2015

Heart of Love River

The Heart of Love River a heart-shaped bridge in the upper reaches of the Love
River in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The bike paths and riverside landscape have become
a quality leisure space for all in the city. At night, the space is lit up
glowing in the dark.

Kaohsiung · Taiwan | 2015
16 June 2015

Fun at Urban Spotlight

Kaohsiung’s Urban Spotlight is a revitalisation of the old Central Park.
The theme is light and is the collaboration of nine local artists.
It is a great place to enjoy after dusk.

Kaohsiung · Taiwan | 2015
15 June 2015

Sunset at Salt Pans

Two farmers are mining salt at Jingzaijiao tile-paved salt pans in Tainan, Taiwan
against the setting sun. Built during the 23rd year of the reign of Jiacing in
the Qing dynasty (AD 1818), the salt pans were formerly known as Laidong Salt
Pans.The site was originally a barren desert.

To prevent salt crystals from attaching to the soil, salt miners lined the salt
pans with broken debris of pottery, resulting in purer and clearer salt mined.

Tainan · Taiwan | 2015
14 June 2015

Fort Provintia

Fort Provintia was a Dutch outpost built in 1653 on Formosa at modern-day Tainan
in Taiwan. The fort was surrendered to Koxinga and later destroyed by an
earthquake in the 19th century. It was rebuilt as Chihkan Tower.

Tainan · Taiwan | 2015
13 June 2015

Dome of Light

'Dome of Light', the largest glass work in the world, is designed by Italian
artist Narcissus Quagliata for the Formosa Boulevard Station at Kaohsiung,
the second largest city in Taiwan. It is 30 metres in diameter, made up
of 4,500 glass panels and covers an area of 2,180 square metres.

Kaohsiung · Taiwan | 2014
12 June 2015

Vintage Travel Posters

Travelling Through Asia: an exhibition of vintage posters from 1910 to 1960 is on
at Picture This Gallery until 27 June. It shows posters, luggage labels and maps
from Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Australia, and other countries.

Central · Hong Kong | 2015
11 June 2015

Mozart's Vibrations

Spanish conceptual artist Alberto Reguera's exhibition 'Blue Expansive Landscape',
displays his abstract landscapes painted over the past 15 years, transcending
the boundaries of different media.

'Mozart's Vibrations' is on display at Hong Kong University Museum and
Art Gallery until 23 August.

Pokfulam · Hong Kong | 2015
10 June 2015

French Kiss

'French Kiss - A Love Letter to Paris', is a tribute to 'The City of Light' by
American photographer Peter Turnley, capturing its romantic, tender,
humourous and sensual moments for the past 40 years.

Turnley's photographs have been featured on the cover of Newsweek
43 times. This is part of the French May program.

Central · Hong Kong | 2015
9 June 2015

Colours of Fragrance

The passionate and uninhibited artistic work of Walasse Ting, a Chinese painter
who moved to France at the age of 23 and strongly influenced by Matisse and
other masters.

'Eat me, I'm a fish' is this title, on exhibition at Kwai Fung Hin gallery
until 15 June, part of French May program.

Central · Hong Kong | 2015
8 June 2015

Water Light Graffiti

Inspired by the fluidity and possibility of water, French artist Antonin
Fourneau creates Water Light Graffiti, an interactive installation
made of a wall embedded with thousands of LEDs which light up
when they are touched by a water brush.

Express your imagination and creativity at the Open Piazza, Hopewell
Centre until 7 June, part of French May program.

Wanchai · Hong Kong | 2015
7 June 2015

Vindicate June 4

The ribbon on one of the many wreaths, reads 'Vindicate June 4', at the vigil
in memory of the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989.

Tens of thousands were at the first post-Occupy vigil at Victoria Park in
Hong Kong, the only location where a major annual commemoration happens
on Chinese soil for the last 26 years.

Victoria Park · Hong Kong | 2015
6 June 2015

135,000 at June 4 Vigil in Hong Kong

135,000 citizens participate at the first post-Occupy vigil at Victoria Park
in memory of the 26th anniversary of June 4 Tiananmen Square Massacre.
The massive turnout is impressive as the city is deeply divided ahead
of the political reform proposal within 2 weeks for the election of
its leader by universal suffrage.

Numerous yellow umbrellas are raised symbolising the continuation of the
Umbrella Movement that occupied the streets of Hong Kong for 79 days
in 2014.

Victoria Park · Hong Kong | 2015
5 June 2015

My news report and more photos on the front page of International Newswire

My news report and more photos on International Newswire

My photo on the popular Tsui Sio Ming Blog (in Chinese)

Record 180,000 at June 4 Vigil in 2014

A record of over 180,000 people in Hong Kong was at the annual vigil
at Victoria Park in memory of the 25th anniversary of June 4
Tiananmen Massacre. This was taken at 7:30 pm, 30 minutes
before the start during the blue hour. More people are
still joining until the Park was packed to capacity.

Victoria Park · Hong Kong | 2014
4 June 2015

My news report and more photos at Award-winning Newswire

June 4 Vigil

A sea of candlelight was seen at the annual vigil at Victoria Park with the banner
'Vindicate June 4' in the background, as tens of thousands commemorate
Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989.

Causeway Bay · Hong Kong | 2010
3 Jun 2015

Dream of June 4 Vindication

4 year-old Pema holds a placard reading 'One Dream - Vindicate June 4'
at the rally in memory of the 26th anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre
in 1989. This is the third time she joins the rally with her parents.

Wanchai · Hong Kong | 2015
2 Jun 2015

June 4 Remembrance Rally

The first post-Occupy June 4 remembrance rally and march sees few youth as the
Hong Kong Federation of Students could not get unanimous decision from all
member colleges to join the June 4 events this year. The organiser
estimates that 3,000 join the march, same as last year.

Wanchai · Hong Kong | 2015
1 Jun 2015

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