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Chairman Mao and Birdcages

A portriat of Chairman Mao hangs in Lung Wah Tea House, a retro
restaurant in Macau, next to Chinese scrolls and birdcages.
This is an interesting combination as Communist China used
to run under a 'birdcage economy', meaning there is limited
freedom as the bird can move 'freely' within a cage, and it
reflects the state of its citizens on the Mainland also.

Santo Antonio · Macau | 2016
31 Oct 2016

Ruins of St Paul's

The Ruins of St Paul's are the ruins of a 16th-century complex in
Santo Antonio, Macau, China. It includes what was originally St
Paul's College and the Church of St Paul also known as 'Mater Dei',
a 17th-century Portuguese church dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle.
In 2005, they were officially listed as part of the Historic Centre
of Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Santo Antonio · Macau | 2016
30 Oct 2016

Street Fashion

A girl with trendy clothing on the street in Central.

Central · Hong Kong | 2016
29 Oct 2016

Red White and Blue

A red and white building stands against the clear blue sky.

Causeway Bay · Hong Kong | 2016
28 Oct 2016


A Cantonese opera actor dressed as a court official takes a peek
through the drawn curtain at Sau Mau Ping Memorial Park in Kwun
Tong. Cantonese opera will be held for 13 days from 23 October.

Kwun Tong · Hong Kong | 2016
27 Oct 2016

The Most Traditional Chinese Billboards

Lions dance at Sau Mau Ping Memorial Park in Kwun Tong where the
most number of traditional Chinese flower billboards in Hong Kong
are erected by the Luk Hoi Fung community to commorate the 71
residents who died in the 1972 landslide. Cantonese opera
will be held for 13 days from 23 October.

Kwun Tong · Hong Kong | 2016
26 Oct 2016

Parade in Kwun Tong

Female soldiers on horses march down Tsui Ping Road, one of the
main streets in Kwun Tong, which is part of the annual parade
by the Luk Hoi Fung community to commorate the 71 residents
who died in the 1972 landslide.

Massive traditional Chinese flower billboards and Cantonese opera
will be held for 13 days from 23 October.

Kwun Tong · Hong Kong | 2016
25 Oct 2016

Whampoa MTR Station Opens

Two new MTR stations in Ho Man Tin and Whampoa opened on Sunday as
the long-awaited HK$7.2 billion Kwun Tong Line extension began
service 14 months late.

Whampoa station is a work of compromise to overcome spatial
constraints. The residents are already complaining that
the concourses are too small with overcrowding. One of
the lifts broke down and water leakage occurred during
the opening day and MTR official said that is 'normal'.

Whampoa · Hong Kong | 2016
24 Oct 2016

Thousands Rally for Better Disabled Protection

Two thousand rally to demand better government supervision and better
legal protection for the mentally disabled after a former head of a
home for the mentally disabled could not be prosecuted for allegedly
sexually assaulting a woman under his care because she was declared
unfit to testify.

Legislators and cocerned groups condemned the Department of Justice
for dropping charges against Cheung Kin-wah, who had similarly
escaped prosecution when accused of molesting others under his
care twice before.

Central · Hong Kong | 2016
23 Oct 2016

Yang Huan on Hong Kong Media Looking North

Journalist Yang Huan from Initium Media, a Hong Kong–based digital media,
shares her experiences on 'How Hong Kong media look north through the
Great Firewall' of China. Ip Iam-chong, Founder of Hong Kog Independent
Media, moderates the discussion at its office in Wanchai.

Wanchai · Hong Kong | 2016
22 Oct 2016

Light and Blinds

Light and blinds in a restaurant in Causeway Bay.

Causeway Bay · Hong Kong | 2016
21 Oct 2016

Aerial Bamboo Scaffolding Work

Hong Kong is the last frontier of bamboo scaffolding where skyscrapers
shoot up daily and more than five million bamboo rods, each six to
seven metres long, are used every year.

It takes strength, skill and, most importantly, intellect to be a
bamboo artist, erecting intricate webs of sky-high walls and
platforms strong enough to hold a legion of construction workers.
Workers build scaffolding up to 1,000 ft above the ground.

Central · Hong Kong | 2016
20 Oct 2016


Central · Hong Kong | 2016
19 Oct 2016

Lan Fong Yuen

Lan Fong Yuen is one of Hong Kong’s oldest and most famous 'Cha
Chaan Teng' (Tea Diner). They are said to be the inventors of
the 'silk stockings milk tea' (using silk stockings to strain
the milk tea repeatedly to make it really smooth) and have
a famously delicious pork chop bun.

Central · Hong Kong | 2016
18 Oct 2016

Starbucks 'Bing Sutt'

Starbucks adapts to local taste and revives traditional local café.
This unique 'Bing Sutt' style themed modern coffee shop is the
world's first-ever Starbucks store to fuse together a nostalgic
retro style with a contemporary coffeehouse design. It is
located at Dudell Street in Central.

'Bing Sutt', or Ice Room, is a traditional tea house in the 1950-60's
era that serves simple local food and drinks like sandwiches and milk
tea at low prices.

Central · Hong Kong | 2016
17 Oct 2016

Shoebox Homes

Photographer Benny Lam gives us a glimpse inside some of the illegally
subdivided 'shoebox homes' of roughly 40 sq feet (4 sq metres)
inhabited by up to 280,000 people in affluent Hong Kong.

Trapped - Photo Exhibition on grassroot housing at Central Market
through 26 October.

Central · Hong Kong | 2016
16 Oct 2016

Ho Sik Ying on Desiring China

Petula Ho Sik Ying, professor of social work specialising on gender
and sexuality at The University of Hong Kong (HKU), co-curates with
Zeng Jin-yan on 'Desiring China: Sexuality and Female Subjectivity',
Chinese independent documetary screenings at HKU on 15 Oct to 19 Nov.
Ho chats with Tang Dan-hong, director of the opening film.

Pokfulam · Hong Kong | 2016
15 Oct 2016

Asia's Wine Distribution Hub

One of the numerous wine cellars in Hong Kong selling red and white
wines imported from all over the world. Hong Kong has quickly
becoming a regional wine trading and distribution hub in Asia
since the elimination of wine duties in February 2008. Wine
merchants are seeking to uncork the huge potential market
in Asia and particularly in Mainland China.

Central · Hong Kong | 2016
14 Oct 2016

Brazilian-Japanese DJAPA

Brazilian-Japanese (Nipo-Brasileiro) fusion restaurant and bar DJAPA
has just opened its doors in Wan Chai’s Lee Tung Avenue. The interiors
pay homage to the favela communities in Brazil, with colourful graffiti
murals by Japanese and Brazilian artists adorning the walls.

Wanchai · Hong Kong | 2016
13 Oct 2016

Statues at Lee Tung Ave

Statues of a couple dressed in traditional Chinese wedding attire
welcome people into the pedestrianised Lee Tung Avenue, a luxury
shopping, dinig and housing development in Wan Chai.

This is the former Lee Tung Street, aka Wedding Card Street, which
was famed locally and abroad as a centre for publishing and for
printing of wedding cards. It was demolished in December 2007
as an Urban Renewal Authority (URA) project. The demolition was
seen as causing irreparable harm to our cultural heritage.

Wanchai · Hong Kong | 2016
12 Oct 2016

Ma Ka-fai on Gangster Novel

Ma Ka-fai, renouned columnist and novelist, talks on his recent novel
'Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong' and growing up in Wan Chai, a
place he describes as a melting pot of prostitutes, gangsters,
scumbags, drug users, tattoo artists and police at a seminar
with Chan Kwun-chung, noted Hong Kog writer based in Beijing.

Pokfulam · Hong Kong | 2016
11 Oct 2016

Smoke Kools by David Salle

David Salle, an American artist regarded as a leader in the return to
figurative painting in the 1980s, is having a solo exhibition at
Lehmann Maupin in Central, through 12 November.

Wanchai · Hong Kong | 2016
10 Oct 2016

Lumli and Lumlong Studio

Lumli and Lumlong studied Fine Arts together in France for 5 years with
very limited financial support. Most of their artworks, which have been
exhibited in museums and collected by individuals in Hong Kong and Paris,
are mostly in the form of oil-painting with grotesque style and a shared
aim of revealing social realities.

Their studio at 13/F Foo Tak Building in Wanchai is open Sundays in Oct.

Wanchai · Hong Kong | 2016
9 Oct 2016

Monique Loves Kapoor's Vertigo

Art lover Monique interacts with 'Vertigo', a stainless steel reflective
art installion by renouned British-Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor, designed
in 2006. This is Kapoor's first solo exhibition in Hong Kong at Gagosian
Gallery in Central through 5 November.

Kapoor represented Britain in the XLIV Venice Biennale in 1990, when he
was awarded the Premio Duemila Prize. Notable public sculptures include
Cloud Gate (aka 'the Bean') in Chicago's Millennium Park constructed in
2004-2006; Sky Mirror, exhibited at the Rockefeller Center in New York
City in 2006; ArcelorMittal Orbit, commissioned as a permanent artwork
for London's Olympic Park and completed in 2012; Dirty Corner (aka
'the Queen's Vagina', exhibited at the Palace of Versailles in 2015.

Central · Hong Kong | 2016
8 Oct 2016

Mural by Bao X Kristopher

Mural by Bao Ho, Hong Kong's 'Queen of Street Art' and Kristopher Ho
who specializes in graphic design and intricate illustration, for
Red Bull Flugtag at Queensway Mall in Admiralty.

Admiralty · Hong Kong | 2016
7 Oct 2016

Nam Loong Cafe

Nam Loong Bing Sutt (South Dragon Ice Room) has been serving traditional
and simple comfort food like milk tea and toast since 1961. Ice Room
are traditional tea house in the 1950-60's era that came long before
Cha Chaan Teng which serves Canto-Western food and drinks at low prices.
The decor is quite traditional with bird cages and vintage posters.

Causeway Bay · Hong Kong | 2016
6 Oct 2016

Joshua Wong Banned by Thailand at China's Request

Joshua Wong, student activist who led extended pro-democracy protests
in Hong Kong in 2014, was barred from entry, detained for 12 hours
and then deported by Thailand on Wednesday.

Pol Col Pruthipong Prayoonsiri, deputy commander of the Thai Suvarnabhumi
immigration office, said China has sent a request to the Thai government
to deny Wong's entry to the kingdom, Thai newspaper The Nation reported.

Admiralty · Hong Kong | 2016
5 Oct 2016

Mural at Ancient Moon

An interesting Singaporean-Malaysian-themed mural at Ancient Moon
restaurant in North Point.

North Point · Hong Kong | 2016
4 Oct 2016

M+ Pavilion with 'Nothing'

The M+ Pavilion of West Kowloon Art District, opened in September 2016,
serves as the primary site for M+ exhibitions in the run-up to the
completion of the M+ (main museum) building. The exterior is now
adorned with art installation of 'Tsang Kin-Wah: Nothing', the
inaugural exhibition.

West Kowloon · Hong Kong | 2016
3 Oct 2016

Tsang Kin-Wah: Nothing

The inaugural exhibition at the M+ Pavilion of West Kowloon Art District,
'Tsang Kin-Wah: Nothing', is an immersive experience that takes inspiration
from Shakespeare's Macbeth and explores the essence of life and our
inability to escape fate, through 6 November.

Tsang's site-specific installation draws on philosophy, literature, religion
and popular culture and employs text, sound, and projection to expand on his
2015 solo presentation 'The Infinite Nothing' at the 56th Venice Biennale.

West Kowloon · Hong Kong | 2016
2 Oct 2016

Reveal 2 Exhibition

Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) celebrates its 60th anniversary
with REVEAL 2 Exhibition — For the City. For the Community. + - × ÷
showcases the artwork of its members, and emphasises close ties
with the local community. At Artistree through 7 October.

Quarry Bay · Hong Kong | 2016
1 Oct 2016

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