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Indian Ladies Unwinding

A group of Indian ladies unwinds at the steps of historical
Pottinger Street in Central.

Central · Hong Kong | 2017
31 Oct 2017

TransforMotion by Allen Lam

TransforMotion, a dance performance by Hong Kong choreographer
Allen Lam at the M+ Pavilion of West Kowloon Cultural District
that explores the relationship between body, space and art.

West Kowloon · Hong Kong | 2017
30 Oct 2017

Freespace at Taikoo Place

Freespace by West Kowloon Cultural District transforms Taikoo
Place into a multi-dimensional art space with innovative
crossover performance art for two weeks through 5 November.

Crazy giant body parts theatrics by Snuff Puppets from Creative
Victoria, Australia interact with the enthusiastic audience.

Quarry Bay · Hong Kong | 2017
29 Oct 2017

Just Married

A couple in their wedding dress is taking some memorable
shots in the back alley of sheung Wan.

Sheung Wan · Hong Kong | 2017
28 Oct 2017

Halloween Yarn Bombing

Hong Kong artist Esther Poon and her band of 'guerilla knitters'
have stitched up the historical Pottinger Street in the lead-up
to Halloween by covering its roadside structures with colourful
'knitted graffiti', known as yarn bombing.

Central · Hong Kong | 2017
27 Oct 2017

Joshua Wong Led Rally Day After Release

Pro-democracy leader Joshua Wong led a rally against joint
Hong Kong/Mainland checkpoint at West Kowloon High Speed
Rail station a day after he was released from prison on
bail. Hundreds rallied outside the Legislative Council
buildig on Wednesday evening.

Government refused to do public consultation on their joint
checkpoint plan proposed, which would have Mainland officials
enforce Beijing's laws on Hong Kong soil. Pan-democrat legislators
oppose the plan and pledged to drag out the debate.

Admiralty · Hong Kong | 2017
26 Oct 2017


Mie Kawano, a financial technology specialist from Tokyo,
is at Sogo crossing in Causeway Bay as a bus speeds past.

Causeway Bay · Hong Kong | 2017
25 Oct 2017

Vera Sings

Vera, lead singer from Donetsk, Ukraine, performs with
her band in Central. Her gigs are primarily in Hong
Kong and China.

Sheung Wan · Hong Kong | 2017
24 Oct 2017

Russian Culture Week

Priest Dionisy Pozdnyaev of St Apostles Peter and Paul Orthodox
Church kicks-off the Russian Orthodox Icon Exhibition, part of
the Russian Culture Week. Unique samples of the hand-painted
art on wooden base with origins from Byzantine are on
display at the church, through 26 October.

Sheung Wan · Hong Kong | 2017
23 Oct 2017

Buddha Sunning Fest

A giant 15-metre Buddha Thangka (a Tibetan Buddhist painting),
is unveiled at the 6th Buddha Sunning Festival in Victoria Park
on Saturday to offer blessings to Hong Kong.

Causeway Bay · Hong Kong | 2017
22 Oct 2017

Artist Nissa Kauppila

Nissa Kauppila, an artist from Monkton, Vermont, USA, kicks-off
her solo exhibition 'Static Suspensions' at Amanda Wei Gallery
showcasing her innovative work of Chinese watercolour and ink
with a more abstract expression in forms and colours.

Tsimshatsui · Hong Kong | 2017
21 Oct 2017

Invader's Mermaid

Invader, the high-profile French street artist, was just
back to Hong Kong and completed the 7th 'Invasion wave'
with 32 new pieces in the city.

A mermaid is spotted at Harbour City in Tsimshatsui.

Tsimshatsui · Hong Kong | 2017
20 Oct 2017

Microwave New Media Art Fest

Realisation of Nototak's 'Narrow' conception, with multiple
hi-power pixel addressable LEDs in 4-metre-tall diamond
configurations, spanning 36 metres, at the Microwave
International New Media Art Festial.

At City Hall Exhibition Hall, through 30 October.

Central · Hong Kong | 2017
19 Oct 2017

Mary Loves Art

Mary, an architect from London, loves visiting art galleries
around town. She enjoys the surreal work of Chinese contemporary
artist Liu Di - Breaking with Convention at the Pekin Fine
Arts gallery, through 29 Nov.

Wong Chuk Hang · Hong Kong | 2017
18 Oct 2017

Artist Greer Howland Smith

Greer Howland Smith, an artist from New Orleans, grew up in both
America and Europe. Greer showcases her Hong Kong collection of
resin collages, inspired by various social aspects and history
of the city, creating a multi-layered 'time capsule' in her studio.

Genetics and biotechnology is a continuous theme in much of her
art and she is currently working on a biotech art project with
scientists from Harvard University and MIT.

Wong Chuk Hang · Hong Kong | 2017
17 Oct 2017

Anastasia Taylor Designs

Anastasia Taylor, talented jewellery designer and entrepreneur
from St Petersburg, showcases her Trickster collection of
jewellery and sculpture at the Art Statements gallery.

Anastasia is also trained in architecture and fashion design,
before working as a jewellery designer in London, Sydney
and Hong Kong.

Wong Chuk Hang · Hong Kong | 2017
16 Oct 2017


A juxtaposition of an antique head of the Goddess of Mercy
(Guanyin) against a modern art painting of an abashed nude
girl, titled 'Venus Pudica' (Touch-me-not Girl) by Japanese
anime artist Takeru Amano at the Art Statements gallery.

It conjures up the image of 'sex is empty' or 'all reality
is a phantom' according to the Buddhist Heart Sutra.

Wong Chuk Hang · Hong Kong | 2017
15 Oct 2017

da Vinci's Salvator Mundi

Liz from Trenton, New Jersey, USA savours Salvator Mundi (Saviour
of the World), the last painting by Leonardo da Vinci in private
hands, expected to fetch US$100m at Christie’s auction in New York
City on 15 November.

Discovered in 2005, it is one of less than 20 da Vinci paintings known
to exist. The previous da Vinci painting was discovered in 1909.

Called 'the greatest rediscovery of the 21st century' by Christie’s,
the painting dating from around 1500 depicts Jesus Christ as a messiah,
a crystal orb is placed in his left hand, while his right hand is
raised in benediction.

The painting is exhibited at Christie’s Hong Kong from 13-16 October,
before it travels to San Francisco, London and New York.

Central · Hong Kong | 2017
14 Oct 2017

Christopher DeWolf and Antony Dapiran

Christopher DeWolf, a Hong Kong-based journalist, photographer
and author of 'Borrowed Spaces' which follows Hong Kong residents
as they transform the city's spaces despite all odds, in the
midst of tightening city politics.

Antony Dapiran is a Hong Kong-based lawyer, writer, photographer
and author of 'City of Protest' which investigates the origins
and the stimuli of Hong Kong’s history of public protests,
including the most recent Occupy Movement.

Both are interviewed by the Journalism and Media Study Centre of
The University of Hong Kong on Thursday.

Pokfulam · Hong Kong | 2017
13 Oct 2017

At the Racetrack

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) is one of the oldest institutions
in Hong Kong. Founded in 1884, The Jockey Club is a horse racing
operator and Hong Kong's largest community benefactor, operating
as a non-profit organisation sponsoring arious charities.

Happy Valley · Hong Kong | 2017
12 Oct 2017

Javanese Palace Orchestra

Javanese orchestra playing traditional music using largely
gongs, drums and xylophone-like instruments at Kraton, the
palace of the Sultans of Yogyakarta with its grand and
elegant Javanese architecture.

Yogyakarta · Indonesia | 2017
11 Oct 2017


An old Javanese artisan creates batik design by drawing dots and lines
on a cloth with wax resist using a spouted tool called a canting. The
applied wax resists dyes, allowing the artisan to colour selectively
by soaking the cloth in one colour, removing the wax with boiling
water, and repeating if multiple colours are desired.

A tradition of making batik is found in Indonesia, Malaysia, India,
Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Nigeria. The
batik of Indonesia may be the best-known, and in 2009, was designated
by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Yogyakarta · Indonesia | 2017
10 Oct 2017

Jakarta History Museum

Jakarta History Museum, aka Museum Sejarah Jakarta, is
housed in the old town hall of Batavia. It is a stately
Dutch colonial building that was once the seat of an
empire. Built in 1627, it was the city hall and law courts.

Jakarta · Indonesia | 2017
9 Oct 2017

Kragilan Pine Forest

A couple frolicks and takes pictures at Kragilan Pine Forest,
on the hillside of Mount Merbabu where thousands visit to
take their selfies at this beautiful and cool spot as it
is currenntly very hot on social media.

Kragilan · Indonesia | 2017
8 Oct 2017


The breathtaking Borobudur temple complex is a stunning
epitaph to Java's Buddhist heyday of the 9th Century AD.
The temple is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504
Buddha statues. The central dome is surrounded by 72
Buddha statues, each seated inside a perforated stupa.
It was named a UNESCO World Heritage in 1991.

Borobudur, built in the style of Mandala which symbolizes
the universe in Buddhist teaching, is square shaped with
four entry point and a circular center point. Three zones
of consciousness are represented, with the central sphere
representing unconsciousness or Nirvana.

Borobudur · Indonesia | 2017
7 Oct 2017

Illuminated Pedal Cars

Illuminated pedal cars are available for hire for touring
arounng Alun-Alun Square in the historical city of Yogyakarta,
Indonesia. Best hired at night as the passers-by can see
the bright neon light.

Yogyakarta · Indonesia | 2017
6 Oct 2017

Kowloon Walled City Park

Kowloon Walled City Park sits on the very site of the former
Kowloon Walled City, remembered today as a haven of crime and
vice, till its demolition in 1987, while the indigenous
buildings and features were preserved in the new park,
designed as a Jiangnan garden of the early Qing dynasty.

Ma Tau Wai · Hong Kong | 2017
5 Oct 2017

Moon Meets Yarn Bomb

Museum of the Moon, a 7-metre model hanging in the air by
British artist Luke Jerram, meets yarn bombing by artist
la Belle Époque, transform Lee Tung Avenue in Wanchai
into a fantasyland for visitors, through 31 October.

Wanchai · Hong Kong | 2017
4 Oct 2017

Catalonia Rallies for Independence

Numerous red and yellow Catalan flags were waved in Barcelona
as more than 1.5 million people brought the city to a standstill
on 11 September 2012 during the National Day of Catalonia.
Actiists at the mass rally demanded independence for the
Spanish region.

Catalonia's defiant attempt to stage an independence referendum
descended into chaos last Sunday, with hundreds injured in
clashes with riot police in one of the gravest tests of Spain's
democracy since the end of the Franco dictatorship in the 1970s.

Barcelona · Spain | 2012
3 Oct 2017

Back-alley Street Art

Street Art in an alley in Sheung Wan, an old neighbourhood
that is elegant, exotic and hip, with plenty of traditional
Chinese medicine and dried seafood shops.

Sheung Wan · Hong Kong | 2017
2 Oct 2017

Thousands Rally for Democracy on National Day

Thousands march for democracy on China's National Day to reject
authoritarian rule, political persecution and demand Justice
Secretary, Rimsky Yuen, to step down for eroding Hong Kong's
rule of law.

Led by Benny Tai, Occupy Central leader and Lester Shum, student
leader of Umbrella Movement, activists march from Causeway Bay to
government headquarters in Admiralty. Organisors estimate 40,000
marched while police places the total at 4,300. Marchers are
undaunted by occasional heavy rain.

Causeway Bay · Hong Kong | 2017
1 Oct 2017

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