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Cantonese Opera

Joyce Koi Ming-fai, famous actress of Cantonese Opera and noted
follower of Master Lam Kar-sing, performs as the lead actor in
the nightly Cantonese opera at the Tin Hau (Goddess of Heaven)
Festival at Tsing Yi.

Tsing Yi · Hong Kong | 2018
30 Apr 2018

Tin Hau Fest

Celebration of Tin Hau (Goddess of Heaven and protector of fishermen)
Festival at Tsing Yi with nightly Cantonese opera performances,
through 1 May.

Tsing Yi · Hong Kong | 2018
29 Apr 2018

Birds Birds Everywhere

Flocks of pigeons are in flight over Jumhooree Maidan, the main
Republic Square of Male, capital of the Maldives, with a huge
Maldivian flag flying over the police headquarters.

Male · Maldives | 2018
28 Apr 2018

Flying Fox

Fruit bat, aka flying fox, is one of the largest bats in the world.
With wingspans of up to four feet, it is mostly nocturnal and feeds
mainly on ripe fruits, such as mangoes, bananas and nectar. Native
to the Maldives. they must eat half their weight daily.

Maamigili · Maldives | 2018
27 Apr 2018

Dhiffushi at Dusk

The island of Dhiffushi, in the South Ari Atoll, at dusk.

Dhiffushi · Maldives | 2018
26 Apr 2018

Great Blue Heron

The great blue heron with long legs in Maldives.

Dhiffushi · Maldives | 2018
25 Apr 2018

Sharks Sharks Everywhere

Baby black-tip reef sharks galore cruise in the shallow water
of the islannd of Nalaguraidhoo in the South Ari Atoll.

Nalaguraidhoo · Maldives | 2018
24 Apr 2018

Turquoise Water

Crystalline turquoise water and pristine white powder
beaches of the islannd of Dhiffushi in the South Ari
Atoll, beckoning travelers to one of the world's
unspolied paradise.

Dhiffushi · Maldives | 2018
23 Apr 2018

Whale Shark Encounter

As a whale shark, about 10 metre or 33 feet, is spotted at
South Ari Atoll, around fifteen boats and tens of Scuba
divers underwater creating screens of bubbles and hundreds
of snorkelers rush to the scene and start a frenzied pursuit.

This photographer is one of the estimated less than 5-10%
who had seen the whale shark and captured its image.

South Ari Atoll · Maldives | 2018
22 Apr 2018

Shark and Rays

A nurse shark and two baby sting rays are hovering in
shallow water searching for food near the Maamigili
pier as Ziad, a keen diver from France, looks on.

Maamigili · Maldives | 2018
21 Apr 2018

Turquoise Water of Male

Stunninng crystal-clear turquoise water of Male harbour,
Maldives, plus powder white sand beaches and amazing
underwater world attract millions for holidays of
a lifetime.

Male · Maldives | 2018
20 Apr 2018


AMMO, short for Asia, Modern, Museum and Original, is a
contemporary tapas bar and restaurant located in the
stunning heritage site of a former 19th century British
explosives compound, where the Asia Society is located

Designed by Joyce Wang, whose previous projects included
the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, the military chic theme
is inspired by Alphaville, a 1965 sci-fi by Jean-Luc Godard.

Admiralty · Hong Kong | 2018
19 Apr 2018

Cascading Water

Cascading water at the podium of International Finance
Centre (IFC).

Central · Hong Kong | 2018
18 Apr 2018

Street Art by 45rpm & Voyder

Street art by 45rpm & Voyder, one of the 5th wave with
internationnal street artists organised by HKWalls.org.

Central · Hong Kong | 2018
17 Apr 2018

Dancing in Flight

Three kites (a kind of hawk) chase after each other as if
dancing in the air, as Kowloon is shrouded in clouds.

The Peak · Hong Kong | 2018
16 Apr 2018

Spiral Staircase at F22

The spiral staircase at F22 Foto Space, a gallery focused
on photo art and contemporary design, hosting exibitions,
bookshop, camera boutique and a cafe.

Wanchai · Hong Kong | 2018
15 Apr 2018

Time Square Music Room

Joyce Cheng Yan-yee, Hong Kong singer-writer and actress,
performs at the Time Square Music Room on Friday, in one
of the 30 Canto-pop concerts at 5 pm daily, through 21 April.

Causeway Bay · Hong Kong | 2018
14 Apr 2018

Yoshitomo Nara Show

Pace Gallery opens second Hong Kong space at H Queen's with
Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara show, including ceramic
sulptures, drawinngs and paintings, through 12 May.

Central · Hong Kong | 2018
13 Apr 2018

Paola Gil Pizarro

Paola Gil Pizarro, donning a chic hair style and multiple
tatoos, works at La Brunilda, a new fusion restaurant that
offers some of the most inventive tapas at great prices in
Seville, resulting in a most memorable culinary experience.

Seville · Spain | 2018
12 Apr 2018

Urban Decay - Home of Superstar Li Li-hua

The former home of Hong Kong Superstar Teresa Li Li-hua, who
enjoyed a long career spanning nearly 4 decades and over
120 movies in Chinese cinema. In 2015, she accepted a
Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Horse Awards.

Li was the first Chinese actress to break into Hollywood in
the movie China Doll directed by Oscar-winning director Frank
Borzage in 1958. She passed away in 2017 and her former
home is vacant and is in a dilapidated state.

Kowloon · Hong Kong | 2018
11 Apr 2018

Waterfront at Dusk

The iconic Hong Kong waterfront at dusk, viewed from
Tamar Park.

Admiralty · Hong Kong | 2018
10 Apr 2018

Caroline Zeller Loves Curved Time

Caroline Zeller, from Paris, enjoys the works of Italian
artist Arcangelo Sassolin at his first solo exhibition
'Warped Matter, Curved Time' at the new Pearl Lam Gallery
at H Queen's, through 8 May.

Sassolino's large-scale, wall-mounted concrete sculptures
transform the once rough building material from Northern
Italy into a reflective glass-like surface. Sassolino
sought to up-cycle the ubiquitous industrial material
into curved forms created by its own weight.

Central · Hong Kong | 2018
9 Apr 2018

Thousands Rally for Benny Tai

Thousands of HongKongers and all democratic legislators plus
major politicians rallied outside the Legislative Council
building in support of freedom of speech, for Hong Kong and
for Benny Tai after his 'independence' comments, on Saturday.

Admiralty · Hong Kong | 2018
8 Apr 2018

Ka Sau Chan at First Adult Show

Artist Ka Sau Chan, a multimedia artist at the 18+ Central -
Hong Kong’s first consumer adult show, showcases her work in
including adult-themed ink painting.

Chan laments the poor sex education or lack thereof in Hong Kong
and that Government censored quite a number of her works which
actually appear to be quite tame compared to the scantily-dressed
strippers, pole dancers rope bondage and Japanese AV porn stars present.

Admiralty · Hong Kong | 2018
7 Apr 2018

Janice Amazed at Spiral Scratch

Janice, a branding consultant, is amazed at Spiral Scratch,
a visually engaging site-specific installation by acclaimed
Scottish artist Jim Lambie, at Pacific Place through 7 April.

Admiralty · Hong Kong | 2018
6 Apr 2018

Maria Elena Flamenco Dancer

Maria Elena Lorente - a flamenco dancer from La Union, Spain -
performs dances at Real Casino de Murcia, an opulent
mansion first opened as a gentlemen's club in 1847.

Murcia · Spain | 2018
5 Apr 2018

Palma Cathedral

The massive Cathedral of Santa Maria, aka La Seu, dominates
the waterfront of Palma. It was constructed in 1229 after
the Catalan conquest of Mallorca.

Palma de Mallorca · Spain | 2018
4 Apr 2018

Cala Muro (Beach)

Crystal clear turquoise water of Muro Beach, with 5.2 km of
fine sand at the north coast of Mallocra, offers plenty of
opportunity to have your own private corner even with
loads of visitors.

Muro · Spain | 2018
3 Apr 2018

Tram at Port de Soller

A wooden trolley tram links the Port of Soller, one of the
main ports of Mallorca, to the city of Soller.

Port de Soller · Spain | 2018
2 Apr 2018

Cala Deia (Beach)

Blessed with crystal clear emerald water and surrounded by
cliffs, Cala Deia (Beach) is the locals' favourite
bathing spot.

Deia · Spain | 2018
1 Apr 2018

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