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Thousands of "Freenix" Occupy Times Square

Outside Times Square yesterday, people responded to the "Freenix Flashmob Causeway Bay"
action, folding origami birds, symbolising the belief of Hong Kong people in their struggle
for freedom.

"Freenix", a phoenix rising for freedom from the ashes, appeared in Times Square in
Causeway Bay yesterday afternoon, and the paper birds formed huge circles.
Hundreds of people participated spontaneously, and more and more paper birds
were folded into huge circles. Some citizens remained behind into the night.

The public silently folded origami cranes, someone placed a mini "New Hong Kong Lady Liberty"
statue inside, to express their desire in the pursuit of freedom.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2019
30 Sep 2019

Global Anti-authoritarian March Undaunted by Police Tear Gas

Launched by netizens, the global anti-authoritarian march linked up with 65 cities
in 24 countries around the world. People gathered at Sogo Department Store
in Causeway Bay at 2:30 pm and marched to the government headquarters at
3 pm. The organisers pointed out that the totalitarian power of Chinese
Communist Party (CCP) kept suppressing Hong Kong. The situation is serious.
It is similar to the Nazis and threatened the whole world. Therefore, they hope
that all countries in the world will recognise that. The organizers did not apply
for a no-objection notice because they said that peaceful assembly and procession
are citizens' rights. They are protected by the Basic Law and the human rights laws.

Netizens published the "Open Letter to People of the World by the Protesters" and
pointed out that if the free world does not face the threat of the CCP, it will
surely become a disaster for mankind. The Chinese Communist regime used Chinese
nationalism to blackmail the world's Chinese people and infiltration against
the world is unprecedented. As the only place with freedom in China, Hong
Kong refused to sink under the iron curtain of the "China model" and
can only take the road of resistance without hesitation.

Starting at 1 pm, the streets near Sogo Department Store in East Point Road, Causeway
Bay were flooded with people overflowing into the neighbouring streets.

Police took a few young men for no apparent reason and was demanded by angry citizens
to release them. Police Fired at least 8-10 tear gas canisters to disperse the crowd.

Thousands still join the Global March at 3:10 pm undaunted by the Police tear gas action.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2019
29 Sep 2019

300,000 Remember Umbrella Movement 5 Years On

Thousands of protesters and key activists of Umbrella Movement stand at
attention silently at Lennon Wall in Admiralty for 3 minutes at 5:58 pm,
when the first of 87 canisters of tear gas was launched by the police
5 years ago that ignited the mass protest movement.

Nearly 300,000 are back at Tamar Park in Admiralty at 7-9 pm to
commemorate the 5th Anniversary of Umbrella Movement. 70-80% of the
lawn and neighbouring areas are filled by 6 pm.

On 28 September 28 2014, tens of thousands of protesters demanding
universal suffrage and democracy took to the streets of Hong Kong. The
Umbrella Movement - so called because demonstrators carried umbrellas to
shield themselves from police pepper spray - took over the main street
in the city centre. A seminal event for Hong Kong that lasted 79 days
and drew over 1.2 million people.

The current anti-extradition law movement is an extension of the
Umbrella Movement is on a more massive scale when 2 million
marched just on 16 June.

Admiralty . Hong Kong | 2019
28 Sep 2019

Riga Central Market

When the Riga Central Market was first unveiled in 1930 it was the largest
and most technologically advanced market in Europe. Equipped with modern
refrigeration units, cargo lifts and underground passageways and warehouses,
the five pavilions were an engineering marvel.

Housed in a series of WWI Zeppelin hangars and spilling outdoors as well,
the market is an essential Riga experience, providing bountiful opportunities
both for people-watching and to stock up for a picnic lunch.

Riga is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Riga . Latvia | 2019
27 Sep 2019

Art Nouveau in Riga

Albert Street is regarded as Riga's Art Nouveau gem, since it is lined with splendid historical Art
Nouveau-style buildings. The area was erected from 1901 to 1908 with every buildings
standing as an architectural achievement. Eight buildings are recognised as architectural
monuments of national significance.

The surrounding area also features great examples of Art Nouveau style. The buildings
are decorated with sculptures, balconies, columns, and other elements
characteristic to this style.

More than 750 buildings in Riga (more than any other city in Europe) boast this flamboyant
and haunting style of decor. Art nouveau is also known as Jugendstil, meaning 'Youth Style'.

Riga . Latvia | 2019
26 Sep 2019

House of Blackheads at Riga

One of Riga's architectural treasures, the House of Blackheads in the capital of Latvia was
erected in 1344. It was destroyed in 1941 and its ruins were completely demolished by the
Soviets in 1948, but it finally rose from the ashes in the late 1990s.

A striking Gothic building with a Dutch Renaissance facade, it was used to house single
members of the merchants' guild who were also notorious revellers of their day.

St Peter's Church is in the background.

Riga . Latvia | 2019
25 Sep 2019

Vilnius Cathedral

Cathedral Square (Katedros aikste in Lithuanian),  dominated by Vilnius Cathedral and
its 57m-high belfry, marks the centre of the city with Its most important sights.

Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, has a charming old town of baroque houses, inviting
alleys and colourful churches.

Vilnius . Lithuania | 2019
24 Sep 2019

Hill of Witches in Juodkrante

Located in the charming village of Juodkrante, on the Curonian Spit, the Hill
of Witches (Raganu Kalnas in Lithuanian) is a natural forested area
filled with nearly 100 carved wooden sculptures.

The original sculptures were mostly carved by Samogitian folk artists
(further sculptures have been added since) and illustrate Lithuanian folk tales.

Juodkrante . Lithuania | 2019
23 Sep 2019

Parnidis Dune of Curonian Spit, Lithuania

The 52m-high Parnidis Dune, near Nida in Curonian Spit National Park in Lithuania, is an impressive 7km long
golden sand dune stretching across into Russia.

The Curonian Spit, a UNESCO World Heritage, is a 98 km long curved sandy strip of land that separates the
Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea, 52 km of which belong to Lithuania and the rest to Kaliningrad in

Nida . Luthuania | 2019
22 Sep 2019

Kaliningrad - Baltic Enclave of Russia

Sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, Kaliningrad is the Baltic outpost of Russia.
It was formerly German (1255 - 1946) Konigsberg.

The Look and feel is more European than Russian.

Kaliningrad . Russia | 2019
21 Sep 2019

Bird's-eye View of Gdansk

The Hanseatic port of Gdansk grew wealthy during the Middle Ages, linking inland
cities with seaports around Europe. It is now a bustling city with mammoth
red-brick churches, colourful townhouses and lively central streets.

The Germans fired the first shots of WWII at Gdansk on 1 September 1939.

In August 1980, Lech Walesa established the Solidarity trade union here
and the city became the centre of Poland's anti-communist movement.

Gdansk . Poland | 2019
20 Sep 2019

Royal Castle of Warsaw

Originally a medieval residence of the Mazovian Princes, the Royal Castle in Warsaw had a number of occupants
across the ages: the Polish kings from 1526 to 1795 to the President of the Polish Republic from 1926.

Restored and furnished with repossessed furniture and works of art after being destroyed by the Nazi in 1944. It was
rebuilt in 1971-84, and named a Monument of National History and Culture.

Warsaw . Poland | 2019
19 Sep 2019

Market Square of Wroclaw

The Market Square (Rynek in Polish) is a medieval market square in Wroclaw
(pronounced Vrots-wahf), in southwestern Poland.

The Old Town Hall (Stary Ratusz) is a grand edifice that took almost two
centuries (1327-1504) to complete, with Gothic and Renaissance style architecture.

The Square is lined with elegant and colourful townhouses.

Wroclaw . Poland | 2019
18 Sep 2019

Wawel Royal Castle of Krakow

Towering over Wawel Hill in Krakow, the Royal Castle, including the Wawel Cathsdral,
is the iconic symbol of Poland and its political and cultural heart.

Krakow is the royal capital of Poland until 1596 and miraculously escaped
destruction in WWII. Its old town is well preserved.

Krakow . Poland | 2019
17 Sep 2019

Tulips of Amsterdam

Bright bunches of tulips may be the definitive symbol of the Netherlands and
as soon as you step out of Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, you are greeted with
picturesque circles of the blooming flower with the 'I Amsterdam' art
installation as the background.

Tulips originally came from the Ottoman Empire, and their name literally
means turban. Tulips first gained popularity in Holland in 1593 when
Carolus Clusius became the Head Botanist at the University of Leiden.

Amsterdam . The Netherlands | 2015
16 Sep 2019

Hong Kong Island Flooded with Protesters as March Banned Again

The Civil Human Rights Front's application for a march on Hong Kong Island was
opposed by the police and the appeal was dismissed. However, in the recent
rallies that was banned by the police, the public refused to compromise and took
to the streets anyway.

According to Chan Ka-hang, the government attorney of the Department of Justice
representing the police, if the march on 15 September again has 2 million people
participating, the police may not be able to maintain order. The police finally
admitted that the number of protesters on 16 June was 2 million.

Yesterday, pro-government people went to various districts to demolish the Lennon
walls and attacked citizens. The police selectively enforced the law and
arrested only young people. It agitated public opinion and emotion. Netizens
called on Hong Kong people to come out more against the dark forces.

Starting at 2 pm, the streets near Sogo Department Store at East Point Road
in Causeway Bay, were flooded with crowds and overflowed to Wan Chai, Admiralty
and Central. Streets of Hong Kong Island is jam-packed with protesters once
again, chanting "5 demands, not one less" and "Hong Kong people, Add oil! (Bravo)"

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2019
15 Sep 2019

Victoria Peak Glows with Mid-Autumn Fest Human Chain Echoing with Songs

Protests continued as the Government does not respond to the 5 major demands of the
people. After 'The Hong Kong Way' of 23 August when 210,000 built a 60-km human
chain on the Lion Rock, downtown and many MTR stations, a second wave is launched
on Mid-Autumn Festival to build human chains in all districts of Hong Kong. Once again
on top of Lion Rock, which symbolizes the spirit of Hong Kong, human chains are also
formed at Victoria Peak for the first time.

Numerous people responded to the online call for the Mid-Autumn Festival 'Victoria Peak Way'.
People gathered at the Peak Galleria at 7:30 pm and then join hands to form a human chain
at the Peak. They used their lanterns and mobile phones to illuminate and sing 'Glory to
Hong Kong', the theme song for the protesters echoed through the Peak.

Some people distributed paper lanterns printed with 'Free Hong Kong and the revolution
of the times', '5 demands, not one less'. The crowds on Lion Rock and the Peak used
laser pens and strong lights to illuminate each other.

As for the Lion Rock human chain, people gathered at Lok Fu Station at 7:30 pm and climb
up via the Lion Rock hiking trail, and illuminated the dark mountain peak with mobile phone.
People said that Lion Rock represents the "Never Giveup" spirit of Hong Kong people, and
hopes to build a human chain to make their demands. They sang 'Glorious Years' and
"Under the Lion Rock" on the mountain. People erected a 'Free HK' light board and
also hanged a huge banner reading 'Implement Genuine Universal Suffrage'.

Others gathered at the parks or amusement facilities in various districts at 7:30 pm, and
formed human chains at 8 pm and sang 'Glory to Hong Kong'.

The Peak . Hong Kong | 2019
14 Sep 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Community Chorus Blossoms Everywhere. Over 1000 Jammed Times Square

The anti-extradition protests continued unabated for over 3 months. A defiant protester
theme song "Glory to Hong Kong" penned by a anonymous netizen has become the
'national anthem' to Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests, sung by flashmobs in
malls and on the streets all over the city.

The original version has racked up more than 1.3 million views in less than 2 weeks, while
multiple video versions were made — including one featuring a complete orchestra
decked out in helmets, goggles and gas masks similar to the protesters.

Last night, resounding chorus flashmobs with hundreds to over 1,000 people gathered
at IFC in Central, Times Square in Causeway Bay, YOHO MALL in Yuen Long, Dragon
Centre in Sham Shui Po, Maritime Square in Tsing Yi, APM and Laguna City in Kwun
Tong, to express their persistence in the 5 major demands. All dispersed peacefully
at the end.

Starting at 7:40 pm, over 1,000 people flooded Times Square in Causeway Bay, chanting
slogans and singing. Two huge banners 'Glory to Hong Kong' and 'We want democracy'
were hung, and the artist Kacey Wong was present. Some people held yellow mini lanterns
reading "no rioters, only tyranny". They gathered until 10:40 pm and dispersed peacefully.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2019
13 Sep 2019

Press Con Fails to Ease Doubt on Fire Services 31 Aug Records

Questions were raised whether people died during police actions at MTR Prince Edward
Station on 31 August. Legislator Claudia Mo quoted a record of communications between
Fire Services Control Centre and firemen on site on the night of the accident, saying that
the incident remained unclear. Derek Chan, Deputy Chief Fire Officer (Headquarters),
confirmed at the press conference this afternoon that the internal records of the Fire
Services Department cited by Mo matched with the department's record of the operation.
But misinterpretation of the technical terms used can cause misunderstanding.

Chan admitted that the use of the MTR to transport the injured from Prince Edward Station
to Lai Chi Kok Station and then to the hospital was 'undesirable from the perspective of
rescue'. However, considering the police risk assessment and other circumstances, it
was the "best choice" at that time.

Mo questioned yesterday that when an ambulanceman handled an accident with a large
number of injured persons, he should have a record card to record the injured person on
the spot. She did not accept the Fire Department's explanation of mistake counting of
the number of injured people due to chaotic situation and the injured person had moved.
Tsang Man-ha, Deputy Chief Ambulance Officer, said the first ambulance scene
commander arrived at Exit B1 of Prince Edward Station at 11.30 pm on 31 August and
then entered the platform. At that time, he wanted to go to the scene as soon as
possible to assess the situation and report to the command centre to arrange
resources, and did not bring the injury classification cards.

The Fire Services Department pointed out it was not ideal that additional firemen were
only allowed to enter the station by the police 1 hour after the fire commander arrived
at 11:30 pm and the police said that there were no casualties at the scene repeatedly
thus barring the firemen from entering. The briefing failed to dispel doubts about
how the number of injured was changed from 10 to 7 people.

Tsimshatsui East . Hong Kong | 2019
12 Sep 2019

China Daily Slammed over Claim HK Protesters Planning 911 Terror Attack

China Daily, a Chinese state-run newspaper, faced extensive criticisms after it claimed in a
Facebook post that Hong Kong protesters were planning mass terrorist attacks on September 11.

The Hong Kong edition of China Daily said 'anti-government fanatics' were planning the
attacks, illustrating the post with a photograph of the al-Qaeda attack on the World
Trade Centre in New York.

When asked if the claim was factually accurate and whether it was ethical to publish it, the
state-run outlet sent a screenshot – which it said came from a channel on the encrypted
messaging app Telegram – in which a post said protesters should start killing people if
their demands were not met.

Tom Grundy, Founder of Hong Kong Free Press twitted that 'China's state media are
officially losing their minds'. The claim was incredulous to netizens, as they flooded
the post with comments, accusing China Daily of making up a story to smear the
protesters and stoke fear among pro-government faction.

In the evening, the Hong Kong protesters issued a statement to clarify the rumours, saying
that the protesters in the past 3 months has never made unreasonable acts of force against
other innocent or unrelated citizens. After the incidents of 21 July and 31 August, the
protesters are aligned with the victims and will never use indiscriminate attacks, terrorist
attacks and other means to rebel against the government.

They also said that if there are rumors alleging indiscriminate attacks, it is a smear or
planned script by the Hong Kong government and its allies as a vicious means of sabotage
and divisive act. The Hong Kong protesters will not be stupid enough to sacrifice Hong
Kong and international support in the past 3 months, and condemned all terrorist attacks
and attack not directed against the Hong Kong establishment.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
11 Sep 2019

Fans Seek World Attention with Iran Soccer Match

The Iranian men's soccer team will be playing at the Hong Kong Stadium on September 10
in the first match of the joint 2022 World Cup and the 2023 Asian Cup game.
Hong Kong fans are bringing the protest of the anti-extradition movement to the stadium,
hoping to attract international attention.

The large crowd of fans is chanting 'Hong Kong Add Oil!', 'Free Hong Kong, The Revolution
of the Times' and '5 Key Demands, Not One Less'. Someone held up a towel reading
'Fight for Hong Kong'.

The security for the stadium is quite high. There are dozens of police officers present.
Before entering the stadium, the security check is carried out to screen personal
belongings, and protest signs are not allowed.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2019
10 Sep 2019

Queen's x Belilios x St Paul's Convent Joint Class Boycott Human Chain

The anti-extradition law protests continues. has intensified. Today, there are secondary and
college students boycotting class, among them, Queen's College, Belilios Public School and St
Paul's Convent School on Hong Kong Island. Students of Ho Tung Technical School also joined.

Students and alumni gathers at 7 am to form a human chain outside the schools, wearing full
gear - masks, helmets, goggles and other equipment, from the end of the flyover at the
junction of Lau Sin Street to the Central Library and the junction of Causeway Road and
Causeway Bay Road. They chanted: 'Five demands, not one less' and 'No rioters, only tyranny'.
Over 500 people participated.

Alumni join hands outside the school to build a human chain and sing school songs. One of
them said that they hoped that through the protest action, the younger students
understand the current situation in Hong Kong more.

Previously on the school start day on September 2, more than 200 Queen's College students
and alumni lined up outside the school, some with full gear or dressed in black with masks.
The chanted 'Free Hong Kong, the revolution of the times' and '5 demands, not one less'.

There are large scale joint-school human chain protests in many district all over Hong Kong.

The Secondary school students' class boycott preparation platform said that in the first week
of September, over 16,000 students from 337 secondary schools boycotted class. 40% of
over 2,700 students agree to boycott class one day per week. For the second wave, a
student class boycott rally at the "Hundred Steps Stair" at Shatin on Friday, Septenber 13,
and will apply for a police notice of no objection.

Causeway Bay . Hong Kong | 2019
9 Sep 2019

"Human Rights and Democracy" Rally Floods Chater - Petition to US Consulate

Netizens initiated the "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Prayer Meeting" in
Chater Garden at 1:30 pm on Sunday and at 2:30 pm marched to the US Consulate
General for Hong Kong and Macao via Garden Road to submit a petition letter.
The police issued a notice of no objection.

The crowd flooded the entire Chater Garden space, spreaded to the court outside the
Court of Final Appeal, Statue Square, Des Voeux Road Central and Chater Road.

After the resumption of the US Congress, the Hong Kong Bill of Rights and Democracy
is expected to be reviewed. Both the US Democratic and Republican Party support the
bill. Many politicians also promote the early passage of the bill. Some believe that this
bill may strengthen the protection of Hong Kong's autonomy, and an important step
in rebuilding the confidence of the international community in Hong Kong.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
8 Sep 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

Police Set Roadblocks for Airport Bus Thus Blocking Airport Unwittingly

Netizens launched the "Airport Stress Test 3.0" to disrupt traffic to the airport. The police
obviously stepped up their alert, set up roadblocks on many roads leading to the airport
and intercepted airport bus passengers.

At 11 am, police started intercepting bus to the airport at the Kowloon side of Western
cross-harbour tunnel and Tsing Ma toll plaza. Police boards the bus to check the identity
card of the passengers. Some passengers were asked to open their baggage for inspection.

As observed, police intercepted mostly young people at the bus stop and on buses passing
Tsing Ma Toll Plaza at Lantau Link. They ask the young people for their reasons for going to
the airport and copying the identity card information for record. There are also tow-trucks
and barricades nearby, which are ready to tow away suspicious vehicles.

At Disneyland Sunny Bay station, 5 police cars areparked. The police mainly intercepted the
airport buses, while other vehicles such as private cars were spot-checked.

On Saturday morning, MTR shut down the Airport Express except for direct trains from Hong
Kong Station to the Airport. The Free Shuttle Bus from Kowloon Station was also suspended.

Some train and bus services to the airport were running a more restricted service in a bid to
reduce the likelihood of large numbers of protesters getting to the airport.

The police roadblocks and reduced train and bus services to the airport are helping the
protesters in blocking airport access inadvertently.

West Kowloon . Hong Kong | 2019
7 Sep 2019

My photo is the top story on the front page of Master-Insight.

'No Indiscriminate Arrests No Authoritarianism' Rally Floods Chater Garden

The Social and Political Organizations Employees' Association rally today with the theme
of 'No Indiscriminate Arrests No Authoritarianism'. The rally was issued a notice of no
objection by the police.

The rally is held in Chater Garden between 7 and 10 pm. The organizers pointed out that
during the anti-extradition protests, the police brutally attacked members of social and
political organisations, including assistants of legislators, and violently arrest them for
reasons such as impeding police work. They said that they only try to help people at the
scene of the conflict. They do not necessarily participate in the protest. Instead, they
were performing their duties. For example, they help to mediate between the police and
protesters and provide support to those arrested. However, the police have repeatedly
treated them brutally or even arrested them. Cheng Hin-ki, chairman of the Assiciation,
said that there are currently 3 legislators, 6 District Councillors and 5 assistants to
Councillors, a total of 13 people, arrested, with charges of illegal assembly, obstructing
police work, and misconduct in public places.

The organisers also said that the government is ignoring public opinion. However, even if
the government increases police force to disperse, arrest and beat thise arrested, it is impossible
to drive away the people's determination to pursue freedom, democracy and equality.

Thousands gathered at Chater Garden on Friday night (Sep 6), in the latest mass protest in
the city. The participants flooded Chater Garden. Some chose to stand in the pavement
outside the Court of Final Appeal. The crowds overflowed to Chater Road and Statue Square
and shouted 'No Indiscriminate Arrest. No Authoritianism.' A statue of the new Goddess of
Democracy in full gear is erected next to the stage.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
6 Sep 2019

'Too Little, Too Late': All Sides Respond to Extradition Bill Withdrawal

Both pro-democracy and pro-Beijing legislators characterised Chief Executive Carrie Lam's
withdrawal of the controversial extradition bill as 'too little, too late.' Protesters at the Citizens'
Press Conference said applying 'band-aid on rotting flesh' months later will not cut it.

Carrie Lam conceded to one of the five key demands of the protest movement which has
roiled Hong Kong since June. But protesters are still demanding a fully independent
commission of inquiry, amnesty for the arrested, stopping characterisation of
protests as riots and universal suffrage.

Claudia Mo, legislator and convenor of the pro-democracy camp said, "It took her three
months to officially use the word ‘withdraw.’ This is too little, too late. Hong Kong's
wounds and scars are still bleeding."

Before her video announcement, Lam briefed all 43 pro-establishment legislators, Hong
Kong deputies to the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative
Conference, at Government House. Pro-democracy lawmakers were not invited.

After the meeting, pro-Beijing legislator Paul Tse said the measures are 'too little, too late.
Why didn’t Lam withdraw it earlier?' adding that the crux of the political crisis was no
longer the bill, but tensions between Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Demonstrators on social-media channels argued that public concern had shifted towards
police brutality or excessive use of force on protesters and ordinary citizens, indiscriminate
arrests and prosecution. Lam had to address these issues squarely or risk continuing the turmoil.

Admiralty . Hong Kong | 2019
5 Sep 2019

Lawyers Groups Condemn Indiscriminate Attacks by Police & Power Abuse

The Bar Association and Law Society were united in their condemnation today of police
actions at Prince Edward MTR Station at the weekend, when riot police beat cowering
train passengers with batons and pepper sprayed them, RTHK reported.

The Law Society called on the relevant law enforcement agencies to look into what it
described as the 'unnecessary force' used by the police at the station on Saturday night.

The Bar Association, meanwhile, said video footage showed 'riot police launching
indiscriminate attacks without any apparent lawful excuse,' flagging up that police
did not even make any arrests following the beatings.

The association also complained that its members have been obstructed from assisting
those arrested during protests and that 'beatings upon arrests are apparent and have
been widespread.'

'In the past few months, there has been a great deal of television and video footage
showing police officers using excessive force to disperse protesters and in making
arrests. Excessive crowd dispersal techniques have included the indiscriminate use
of tear gas, including inside an MTR station, and the shooting of crowd control
projectiles at shoulder height level or above at close range.'

24 pan-Democrat Legislators also wrote to the Commissioner of Police, condemning
indiscriminate bloody beating of the public by the police on 31 August. They said that
Commissioner Lo never responded to their repeated request for a meeting to discuss
the abuse of power by the police and the lack of guidelines for law enforcement.

Mongkok . Hong Kong | 2019
4 Sep 2019

General Strike Rally Floods Tamar Park

The protests against amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance continued. On September
2 and 3, practitioners from at least 21 professions, including medical, aviation, finance and
social welfare, joined forces in Tamar Park for a general strike rally and asked the government
to respond to the 5 major demands of the people. A notice of no objection was issued by
the police at the gathering of the Tamar Park in Admiralty. The Tsim Sha Tsui Salisbury
Garden rally was opposed by the police.

Tang Kin-wah, one of the organisers, regretted that the appeal was rejected. He said that
work strikes, marches and gatherings are the rights granted to Hong Kong people under
the Basic Law. Prohibiting rallies is a violation of the civil rights of Hong Kong people.

They also applied for a change to a rally in Wong Tai Sin, which was also opposed by the
police. In essence, the police's decision is "declaring a martial law area in Kowloon", and
no rally is allowed in Kowloon. A recent rally application in Tsuen Wan Park were also
opposed by the police and the appeal rejected.

At Tamar Park outside Admiralty Government Headquarters was full of people with umbrellas.
The crowds are endless, with an estimated 15,000 people.

Admiralty. Hong Kong | 2019
3 Sep 2019

Class Boycott Rally Floods Chinese Univ Quad, Undaunted by Wind & Rain

Students from 10 Hong Kong universities and more than 100 secondary schools join a class
boycott on Monday, with warning that they will escalate the action if the government fails to
meet protesters’ demands related to the extradition bill by September 13.

The 10 colleges and universities include The University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of
Hong Kong, City University, Polytechnic University, Baptist University, Lingnan University,
The Education University, Shu Yan University and Hang Seng University. They demand that the
Carrie Lam government respond to the "5 major demands" of Hong Kong people.

At 3:30 pm, the main quad at Chinese University was flooded with students, undaunted
by No. 1 strong wind, yellow thunderstorm warning and occasional heavy rain. Numerous
people are arriving with an estimated over 30,000 in attendence.

Ma Liu Shui . Hong Kong | 2019
2 Sep 2019

How Will Carrie Lam Break Deadlock as National Day Deadline Closing?

The protests triggered by the amendments of the Fugitive Offenders laws are still unabated
entering the 12th week.

Pro-Beijng legislator Michael Tien said on 20 August that according to his sources, the central
government has set early September as the "deadline," to calm the situation in Hong Kong
before the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China on October 1.

Speaking on an RTHK radio program, Tien said he believes the march planned on August 31
is a "golden opportunity," and the government should respond to parts of people's demands,
including the establishment of an independent commission of inquiry and the withdrawal of
the amendments, so that the society can return to calm one month before October 1.

He said the central government would like the world to focus attention on Beijing and not
Hong Kong as National Day draws nearer, and it cannot accept hundreds of thousands
of people protesting in Hong Kong.

On the eve of 31 August, a number of activists were attacked. The police conducted mass
arrests of activists and legislative/district councillors. March and rally were banned and
the occasional heavy rains did not prevent hundreds of thousands of people from hitting
the streets to protest. Carrie Lam's hard-line policies appeared to be non-effective.
Will Lam change to use a dove approach to reverse the situation?

24 pan-Democrat legislators issued a joint letter to President Xi Jinping asking Beijing to
restart Hong Kong's political reform as soon as possible. They described the withdrawal
of amendments and the implementation of elections with genuine suffrage are strong
and clear demands of the people of Hong Kong.

Central . Hong Kong | 2019
1 Sep 2019

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